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  1. Some times, the best trade is the one you didn’t do.
  2. Home run hitter, great one handed catch on the video also,
  3. I think it’s how he was used not that he had only 21 catches. We have a quality Tight End room now, from having practically nothing forever.
  4. I’d like Alec Lindstrom, Perrion Winfrey.
  5. Just blow my mind.
  6. Pimp My Linebacker.
  7. I was all in on Sauce at 4, m but was convinced that the need for Edge would make that dream not materialise. They managed to make it work and snagged Wilson at 10. What a fantastic haul in round one.
  8. Look, I like a flamboyant Wide Receiver.
  9. This is a Draft even Maccagnan couldn’t fook up. So I’m waiting to see how we can.
  10. Jets will reach at 4 for Johnson. Pass on KT and HOF Corner back Sauce Gardner gets drafted by the Giants.
  11. Not interest in a Miami Dolphins fans views.
  12. Prohibitive Cost, both draft capital and cap costs. Deep receiver class, to many holes on the roster to fill. Limited production history, doesn’t want to be used in the versatile way he’s been used in San Francisco. No guarantee that he doesn’t mail it in after getting paid. No thanks.
  13. Every hour closer to the Draft Deebo isn’t a Jet I’m happy. I don’t want him.
  14. T0mshane Wilson Hit piece shocker. He’s never been the same since Jamal left.
  15. Can’t help but get the Nathan Shepard pick in.
  16. Height:6 ft 1 in (1.85 m) Weight:232 lb (105 kg) He just played small.
  17. Neither did the two guys above, im all in on Dean.
  18. I just mentioned that, if he can play I don’t care he’s 5”11.
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