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  1. Zach Thomas and Sam Mills say hi. Not a problem.
  2. Neal is terrible Jets X did a film break down he gets beat like a drum Wirfs at 7 GTO!
  3. Im firmly on the keep the picks, draft a receiver and have 4 picks in the top 40.
  4. 8/50 I’m I good enough to play receiver for the Giants yet?
  5. Cross in front of Ekwonu is a strange one, but I think I can “live” with the rest
  6. If they are now forced into receiver it means a Tackle, Edge or corner will fall. I thought Toney was a strange pick last year. How awful must he be to have a fire sale on him after his rookie season?
  7. Have they decided which derelict building they are going to use to host it?
  8. Call me when he’s in the pro bowl, or even better plays all 17 games.
  9. Translation, “I screwed the pooch in the Draft”.
  10. Well how long before the Lock? At best it isn’t a good look and adds fuel to the lazy bust narrative. This guys not helping himself, to change that turn up, work hard, and flatten a few players.
  11. Huge cope, pick outlier stat use it to project implication that Wilson is a good QB.
  12. Ideal Since we don’t a viable WILL or SAM linebacker.
  13. I’m dream is we get Sauce at 4 and Johnson at 10.
  14. I’m hoping we don’t trade for a receiver and just draft one.
  15. If KT is there at 4, Jets run to turn the card in. If he isn’t, I could see them take Sauce and then go Edge at 10.
  16. It’s an “in joke” Jetsfan80 isn’t the biggest Shepard fan. You are right about Q if he doesn’t have a big year he’s being traded.
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