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  1. Bad angles and slow, he’s Jamal without the bad attitude.
  2. It makes sense that they don’t rate them so high. Otherwise why go so hard after Hill, Metcalf, Brown? - Jets may indeed wait till round 2 or trade back into the back end of round 1 to get one.
  3. The Generals with a typical Jets like disappointing loss.
  4. Cant be long, he wants the most Wins in history.
  5. If we draft a tackle at 4 he’s a gonner.
  6. Once he gets paid he goes full Mo Wilkerson, I’m out.
  7. That’s not a mock, it’s mocking Jets fans. I’d legit freak if we selected those picks.
  8. I believe their going pretty cheap at the moment.
  9. You need to watch Jets X factor on you tube. Joe Blewett break down film on players. He’s take on McGovern is average to below average Center. I think that’s a fair assessment.
  10. They still don’t have a QB, no matter how good their roster is.
  11. Corner, Edge, WR. Sauce is Elite, plenty of Edges to pick at 10 then Trade back in for Olave, Burks, London, whoever is left come back end of the 1st.
  12. Mmmm why would this not come out sooner? - Something don’t add up right.
  13. Plays Running back and Wide Receiver, just a good tackle away from injury and wants what 30 mill per? - Just draft a WR don’t trade away capital and fill four starting positions from round 1 & 2.
  14. I’d take him just not at 10, why pick a tackle unless you think Becton is done? We have to many holes to take one at 10, especially one that’s likely to be there 10 picks later.
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