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  1. Hey I missed your call yesterday. I will call you back when HE isn't around.

  2. Hey, why aren't you my friend? I realize that I'm kind of creepy, but you can trust me. I promise.

  3. As per the article below, Favre said his rocket right arm felt "fatigued" — but not sore — during a break from his fifth day of practice with the New York Jets. The focus on the Jets/Favre is awesome ... but at some point it's too much detail, TMI. What next? Perhaps "Favre leaves practice with the runs ... quote: "Must have been too many ribs at Virgil's last night ..." http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/8446380/Favre's-arm-'fatigued'-after-morning-session
  4. hors d'oeurves, rendezvous, and other words that are impossible to spell ...
  5. Could it be ... did he actually finally get a haircut?
  6. Ditto ... I know I'm supposed to hate him, but Brady's dreamy ...
  7. Agreed. In a game that after the Favre deal, I thought would be completely irrelevant, the Jets showed a lot of depth. With Clemens looking so bad, nice to see a bright light -- namely Ratliff -- on the roster. Favre can only help us at best for the next 2-3 years, so great to see some future potential. And yes, Clowney looked awesome, as did Lowery. Would love to see what Lowery does to Campbell next week ...
  8. I've got one too. I was thinking of taping a tag saying "Favre" over the Foley ...
  9. The Farvre/Franks connection is definitely intriguing. But I'd have to go with Cotchery and Keller on this one. They're all going to have to get used to trading lobs for lasers!
  10. Yeah, but his wife didn't look like THAT. Where do I go to buy a pair of those ...? : - )
  11. I second that. And watching Chad dink and dunk is so boorrring!
  12. The Mrs. has two friends, her husband and BP. I just sent a friends request her way so she has someone to talk football with.

  13. Thanks Mrs. Sperm, you're the best. ;)

  14. Yes I'll be your friend ... and I'll be your lover ...

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