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  1. Indian Jim Accosta is at it again. I'd say these morons don't know when to quit but for some reason they can't lose their credentials for any reason anyway
  2. Joe Douglas drafted a top 5 punter who also looks like a Virgin. We check all the boxes
  3. I'm going to be honest. I didn't know who this was. I blame Gase and Williams of we suck. Nobody else is getting tossed under my bus this year
  4. Probably a B+ if you're grading him as a normal GM. A+++++ level first ballot Hall of Famer if we're grading on the Jets curve,
  5. So I'm happy with the Jets right now. I can't tell if I like this feeling, it feels so unnatural.
  6. I'll take Mims, Pittman or Higgins. I don't really care which.
  7. More or less. If you watch his game tape he can dominate anyone. He can do it as a pro also, he's a freak. We just gotta get him to do it every play. He doesn't turn it on consistently.
  8. Not sure why you're agreeing on this. I wish Gregg Williams was his coach, he's on defense. This kid has the potential to be the best lineman ever with his measurables. He was also the one dude I didn't want cause his effort. We need somebody like Williams who will light a fire under his ass.
  9. Yeah. God bless I'm excited for tomorrow. Lots or great WR's sitting around for us that would be first rounders on a normal year. Praying for Mims or Pittman tomorrow
  10. Toss that money to a food kitchen or something helpful. AOC is beyond useless.

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