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  1. Hope she has Jussie Smollet on with her again to boost ratings. I'm sure they're both equally well versed on draft prospects
  2. How do you swing a holdout when nobody cares if you show up?
  3. SayNoToDMC

    AB vs JuJu

    LeVeon wasn't hated by his teamates. Brown on the other hand is locker room cancer. He's going to be a nightmare in Oakland when they inevitably start losing and Carr is floating passes over his head
  4. SayNoToDMC

    AB vs JuJu

    I mean Brown is a POS I wouldn't have traded a 7th rounder for, so there's that
  5. SayNoToDMC

    Poll: 2018 Uniforms vs 2019 Uniforms

    Looks like we stole the desigins from the XFL. They win 10+ games next year I could care less though
  6. I was talking about this with Yingtai at my local rub and tug today. Who even knew this was illegal?
  7. Allen I guess. We need an edge rusher and I'm not sure I trust Bosa to stay healthy. I'd really just rather not pick at #3 though and collect more draft capital
  8. SayNoToDMC

    Tyreek Hill to be released???

    The Peterson thing only bothered me cause he's a one weekend a year father. The switch is a black thing, but everyone here who's older than 30 knows you used to get it when you acted like an a$$hole as a kid. I don't mind disciplining your kid if you're around and actually give a sh*t. No level of discipline involves breaking their arm.
  9. SayNoToDMC

    Donald Penn Released

    He's awful at RT
  10. SayNoToDMC

    Tyreek Hill to be released???

    Where they known bags of sh*t in college? I don't know anything about their history. This is way worse than Kareem Hunt thing if true
  11. SayNoToDMC

    Tyreek Hill to be released???

    Cleveland is going to be unstoppable this year
  12. SayNoToDMC

    Barr to the Jets, or not

    Lets give a big enough garuntee to set up for life the guy who's main critiscism is he's lazy.
  13. He doesn't seem like a player you want to pay. His insane natural talent is only matched by his lack of motor. We don't need another lazy bum on defense, which is what we get when we pay guys like this. Mo at least faked it till he got paid
  14. Very excited then. God knows Mac isn't doing sh*t with a 5th rounder anyway
  15. Why are we excited? I don't know who this guy is. Fill me in

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