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  1. I don't think I've ever actually been mad at anyone here. Some people get upset for real it seems. I got banned once cause somebody was pissed and I thought was messing around so I responded to a PM for a time and parking lot for the fight. I did egg him on first, but I obviously wasn't driving 6 hours. I get in trouble for lots cause I'm less sensitive than most of you. Everybody just needs to chill sometimes. Arguing is fine. Toss anything my way, but remember we got 31 other fan bases to deal with
  2. He's been a complete professional here. Glad he's thrilled to be someplace that wants him.
  3. I'm not sure how this works but he's way more of a child than me behaving this way and he cant screw up Mogz notifications anymore. Let him be a moron if he can't do any harm Edit: if we banned everyone we think is an idiot we would be reduced to a board where Crusher eats Tom Shane on PPV. We'd all be gone. I'm literally on my last strike getting Max to stay my execution as long as possible cause I love it here
  4. Basically the same thing. I've had people troll me over the years. I'm not exactly likable at times, lol. As far as I know if you ignore them it's over and they're out of you life. I'm sure you won't miss him and his brilliant takes
  5. Its "an" agency and please PM me with a contact within said company. I have no real moral compass Edit: I actually probably have the strongest moral compass of anyone I know. A better way to phrase it is I lack the part of my brain that that regulates inhibition
  6. I was trying to think of a Romney connection, but this isnt bad
  7. Him ******* up your notifications I can see being annoying. Just put him on ignore and move on. If that doesn't work I agree something should be done. Honestly just ignore him if possible. Not missing anything obviously
  8. Your name is RutgersJetFan. It might as well be biggest loser in the world. We live in a world of suck with our team choices. Who cares about a down vote? We just watched Gase butt **** us for 2 years. If possible I'd like to request a mod erase my entire rep.
  9. Does it really effect your life without you letting it? Just ignore it and laugh at him being an idiot stalking you. I'll downvote this post myself. Who cares? Let him be a moron. You waste time thinking about it and he gets what he wants
  10. Zero chance he's getting traded. They leaked all this to start with. He's worth more to them and now he's toxic to everyone else. Value is sh*t as was intended. There's no market and he can't demand anything now
  11. None. Were locked into a QB at #2. There's little to no doubt SF called us first about that trade package and we had no interest in biting
  12. I don't got to read any of this. The answer was the Oline and a solid D. I could have run for 1000 yards that year Edit: I don't think Rex was as bad as most here. His downfall was coupling him with a wet napkin he could walk through as GM
  13. I watched him play twice. He sucks. As I said in a separate thread, feel free to save this and make fun on me in 2 years
  14. I take back my halfway nice comment. I thought they where actually giving people like you a good faith gesture. It wouldn't be a bad Idea. You've earned it. I should have known they wouldn't though
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