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  1. BS. You got an IQ above room temperature. You where never going to complement Mac
  2. I'm not a scientist. Name one player that's failed in the 4-5 years of testing. I'd bet half are taking HGH. If you got some info I'm wrong on I'll listen to it. I'm basing my position on them drawing blood for no reason, and 5 times being a bit ludicrous. I accept you know better than me if you do this for a living
  3. I was going to go the the article to just copy & paste all the olineman but The Athletic is delusional enough to think they can charge for a subscription.
  4. Why is JiF allowed to make a second account to compliment himself and I'm still arguing with mods about supposedly having the same IP address as this kid I joked about being when Sanchez got drafted?
  5. He's right. Jon Jones had a metabolite from a synthetic drug cause he's an idiot. Nobody is going to fail an HGH test cause there's no actual baseline for failure. It's just a PR move from the NFL so they can pretend they're on top of it. If they want to do something useful they should take Al Riveron out back and beat the sh*t out of him.
  6. It's a stupid ******* test. I'd be pissed if they came in to draw blood from me every week for PR reasons. Has anyone actually failed an HGH test? What baseline are they going off of? Athletes are going to have high levels so what even constitutes a failure? I agree with Bell. NFL should F off with this pointless test.
  7. I thought he was just trying to give the helmet back.
  8. Sam is a great player. I'm not just saying this cause I woke up drunk and started him in fantasy. We went out of our way with $100 million in cap to **** him over on O-line
  9. I laughed. Then when I was done laughing I felt like I should be crying, but the Jets have left me empty inside so I can't anymore.
  10. Woke up drunk. I just dropped my QB and picked up Sam in my fantasy league sitting at 5-4. Let's Go!
  11. Would you rather get a timeshare in Italy or Germany circa 1935?
  12. Seeing as no coach who values a long term career is ever going to come here I was thinking maybe we could just pick a random season ticket holder every week. It's some fun engagement for people who've wasted a down payment on a house between tickets and PSL's. At worse we'd win one less game. I would do something similar for the draft, maybe a members only poll when we're on the clock, this one I'm positive we would have done significantly better with the last 4 years.
  13. I'm going to find a reason to go to urgent care Saturday night to try and get out of the Jets Giants game myself this week
  14. I don't think he's even allowed within 100 yards of a school

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