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  1. He was a great player till he got paid F you money and stopped caring about football. Appreciate him choosing us as his post football retirement plan
  2. "If you're on Medicare this is important information"-Joe Nameth
  3. Once space force was announced I was really hoping Elon would drop him off as ambassador to the moon
  4. Guys the real deal. He makes Michael Kay listenable
  5. Dowell Loggains can now move on to his true passion. Starting a youtube channel about Magic the Gathering card.
  6. And Adam Gase. Just shows how poorly run the Colts where for a decade with Manning in his prime
  7. We paid 20 million for 2 years of Gase. Might be worth splurging on a competent person at the most valuable position in sports
  8. It's not about whether or not he should be entitled to involvement in the hiring process. It's about them publicly and privately telling him that he would and backstabbing him. This after trading away one of the top offenensive weapons in football for a bag of doritos the year prior. The Texans are such a mess they're making us look good
  9. Surprised about Daboll. I really thought he was going to the Chargers. What he's done with Allen is amazing and he was my top candidate. There's clearly issues with Bienemy given how many times he's been passed over
  10. Fair enough, lol. I'll just leave it at I'm not optimistic we'll actually be attending games this year normaly
  11. Tua is 6 foot in heels. Burrow is 6'4 and set every SEC record for a team that was embarrassingly bad after he left. Alabama got better post Tua and 2 first round WRs leaving

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