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  1. We should do a tailgate for the good of Jetnation. Bring Rutgers. He might be able to kick my ass. I'm not sure.
  2. I'm as happy as sombody who thinks the moon landing is fake can be. You can't tell me 2024 is an impossible goal when the phone I'm typing on has exponentially more computing power than the Apollo space ships. If it helps I think flat Earth is retarded and the first thing I'm doing if I win the lotto is buying them a boat to prove it..... Pretty happy though. Looking to fist fight Tom Shane. He's my hero but I know that guy believes we made it past the Van Allen Belt 😊
  3. So outstanding he got signed on June 6th for depth
  4. I seriously didn't know he was off the team. I hardly ever realized he was on the team either
  5. I mean he doesn't have a real job. I'll enjoy his firing every bit as much as I enjoy layoffs at places like Vox or Buzzfeed. It is possible to make a living as human peice of sh*t, bottom feeding off peoples emotion. That sums up his career and most of the press focused on the Jets. I reserve the right to hate you though. I wish I could boycott them but I can't, since I don't know a worse torture than subscribing to anything they publish. I just see people here repeating them and I don't know why.
  6. His head has never been screwed on right. He's a good pickup if you get him to play right for 6 months. This is confusing though from the standpoint I wound up liking the Raiders draft based on them talking about changing culture and leadership. I don't know if Richie is a very sick or just bad guy, but he's not the piece you add during a culture overhaul. If he was than I'd take him.
  7. Find somebody who understands football, realize you got lucky, then relegate yourself to illegal asian handjobs and trophy ceremonies.
  8. We can always bring back Plaxico and Holmes for free if you hate Sam that much
  9. So it's safe to assume you wheren't at Browns practice today
  10. Which is why him getting a do nothing POS position is the best thing that could of happened to the Jets. Woody is like a cat who's got a new ball of yarn to play with. His new and in his eyes "very important" job currently keeps him far away from wrecking his old toy..
  11. Name to place and date. I don't think there's anyone here in my 10 years or so I'd rather party with
  12. I own duct tape. That's a multipurpose product for winners. I do get more use out of my electrical tape though. None of that Johnson & Johnson stuff will ever be allowed in my house, Q tips? I'm going to push wax back in my ears? I get a 4 dollar bottle of hydrogen peroxide to clean my ears and it lasts a year
  13. Never, I don't even own a box of band aids. I bleed till it stops on its own or toss some Cayenne pepper on the wound if it doesn't. Johnson and Johnson products are for assholes.
  14. Joe is right. The timing was screwy but it's the Jets. Mac needed to go and I prefer it now as opposed to waiting another 9 months. I wanted it 2 years ago but that didn't happen. The sooner we ripped off the band aid the better.
  15. In the simplest terms possible. He sucked at his job and inherited a good team. He had 2 useful first round picks in 10 years. One was so retarted he no longer has a thumb. The other was such a dick he had to be moved to Cleveland cause he's too much of a cancer to be around a rookie QB
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