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  1. I don't have much to complain about for a first preseason game.......... not really sure what to do with myself
  2. Isn't he suspended 4 games from the job he doesn't have?
  3. They do an SNY postgame after preseason games? I want to see Ray Lucas' boner(No homo)
  4. I'm not opposed to this, as the picture indicates he knows how to put his body on the line to bring home that Snoopy Bowl trophy
  5. You're telling me. I took a nap that went long missing the first quarter. I came in to catch up and can't find anything on the actual football game
  6. SayNoToDMC

    It's like Christmas Eve

    Well not looking to be banned for life. I'll be good
  7. SayNoToDMC

    It's like Christmas Eve

    I predict the sun will set in the west tonight
  8. SayNoToDMC

    It's like Christmas Eve

    So be first and I'm back by week one?
  9. SayNoToDMC

    It's like Christmas Eve

    Just give me one day to be excited. I promise I'll be negative again by half time
  10. SayNoToDMC

    Trade for Mack?

    I'd give a first for him in a second. Why would the Raiders ever trade him?
  11. SayNoToDMC

    It's like Christmas Eve

    You know I'm down voting you for ruining this with your typical assholeiness(Is that a word?). This is the one day I get to be happy before the eventual trainwreck of every Christmas dinner every year.
  12. SayNoToDMC

    Bracing myself for some ugly cuts...

    If I'm upset about a cut, we're doing something right. I've actively rooted for everyone on the roster to be cut for years. The fact we're worried about TE which has arguably been the most useless position on the team for the last 10 years is nice
  13. I'm taking Mahomes in fantasy this year late. I will win again