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  1. SayNoToDMC


    So close. I took Jets D in fantasy this week. I figured they'd show up against this trash offense after being humiliated. I didn't expect our Oline to show up against the Broncos D. I don't get this ******* team at all
  2. SayNoToDMC

    Bowles should go before Macc....

    I thought This 2 years ago. I figured fine keep Todd for a year to get a high pick then dump him. I'm on the record. It's too late now, everyone needs to go. We wasted an entire year of Darnold's development already
  3. SayNoToDMC

    Is anyone still defending Macc?

    Honestly I wish they'd just sell and move the franchise to North Dakota at this point. I'm over this sh*t
  4. Yup, I expected to lose. Not in the humiliating way we did. It was worse than just getting smacked around and losing 35-0
  5. SayNoToDMC

    Bowles got himself fired tonight

    Why did it take till tonight? He should have been fired 2 years ago. He should have been fired at a minimum when we knew we where 100% going all in on drafting a rookie QB after last year. He ******* sucks, he didn't start ******* sucking last night
  6. SayNoToDMC

    Todd Haley in 2019

    I'd put a goldfish bowl on the sideline before Todd Bowles next year. If the players where just making up their own defense after getting a lead we could have won last night and he offers dick in regards to offense
  7. I now bet logically. Jets lost me a sh*t load of money over the years betting without logic. I obviously still root for the Jets given my anger. Betting is about money
  8. I went as far as a first and a second but I'm one of the line haters. You're right. It's more cause I don't trust these people to draft. Id rather they pay for lineman with our cap space, they can't do that right either though. We've had no pass rush since John abraham. We've burned tons of picks on trash like Gholston
  9. In all honestly I bet the Browns cause roster talent thinking they'd run over our offensive line. Not Todd going out of his way to stop calling a working D with a half hour left after we had a good lead
  10. Good Game Jets. I bet against us cause I'm a degenerate so I won that. I thought we wouldn't even get a chance cause their Dline and the fact every post I've made tonight trashed our Oline, but we had it. The defensive play calling was trash down the stretch
  11. This. I could have run behind that Oline for 1000 yards
  12. I wanted Baker leading up to the draft. It'd be the perfect time for me to turn and gloat. I blame our Oline and coaches after watching this sh*t show
  13. I knew it was going to be a bad year I just hope the kid has the mental makeup to learn and not get broken behind our line. It depends on the person and they're sitting in a room with him. I made it clear I never wanted him starting
  14. We can't protect to call anything aggresive
  15. It's true. On paper they're great should have been better then us last year but they're losers. We had this game. I bet the Browns thinking we'd get smashed and still am disgusted losing like this

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