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  1. SayNoToDMC


    Todd wants to kick this so bad
  2. Guy's been losing his mind since college. I'm ok that if he was good and we didn't pick him 6th. He would have been a great 3rd rounder
  3. Gotta suck being the untalented brother in family full of otherwise useless assholes
  4. Best message would be for everyone to sell their tickets to Pats fans at a discount
  5. We all despise your older brother but don't you think this has gone far enough?
  6. SayNoToDMC

    Do I Sell My Tickets to Patriots Fans As Protest?

    Yes, not a single Jets fan should show up to another game this year. Discounts should be given to opposing fans. I'm not sure if they're capable of feeling publicly shamed but we can try
  7. SayNoToDMC

    R.I.P Stan Lee

    Probably better off. He hasn't been well for awhile and everyone around him in the end was a blood sucking vulture
  8. SayNoToDMC


    Yes and nobody listened. The year was always a lost cause. Not just because we suck but because we don't have anyone that was going to teach him anything good anyway. Todd should have been gone if the plan was to trade up and get a QB no matter what. We're run by morons. I'd pay to hear Todd Bolwes speech at half time
  9. I'm sure Jamal will be very animated after the game. We're good
  10. The only way the coaching staff could possibly be fired during the season is this year. Keep it up Buffalo
  11. SayNoToDMC

    How will you remember the Bowles era?

    Just the end. Like a remake of Old Yeller where the dog was entirely useless and unlikable
  12. SayNoToDMC

    What is going on in Jax?

    Especially in a 3rd world hellhole like Jacksonville
  13. Brock Osweiler beat them
  14. SayNoToDMC


    So close. I took Jets D in fantasy this week. I figured they'd show up against this trash offense after being humiliated. I didn't expect our Oline to show up against the Broncos D. I don't get this ******* team at all
  15. SayNoToDMC

    Bowles should go before Macc....

    I thought This 2 years ago. I figured fine keep Todd for a year to get a high pick then dump him. I'm on the record. It's too late now, everyone needs to go. We wasted an entire year of Darnold's development already

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