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  1. Let's be honest, nobody is watching this sh*t show outside of Jets/Falcons fans and the most degenerate of gamblers
  2. Thank you to the NFL for making me wake up at 9am to watch this garbage. Also appreciate you sparing no expense getting this top notch officiating crew across the pond
  3. Who cares? They could beat this team running Tyler Perry out of the slot
  4. He sucks and I was openly furious when we took him, but hes not even close to the top of this list. Im not going to give whoever wrote this the click he wants, but he's a retarded troll
  5. Who cares? Season can't be worse than last year when everyone quit on Gase. Im ok with sucking. The not trying last year finally broke me after 6 weeks. I didn't think it was possible
  6. Listen. You're not really wrong. NFL lockeroom is different than wherever you work. Bunch of juiced up alphas. Geno didn't really leave him a choice if I understand the story correctly. I personally wouldn't feel ok with that level of disrespect either. Just say sorry and give him the $600 rather than try to show him up and in front of the rest of the team. Proportionally to what he makes its a meaningless amount of money and he should have just squashed it before it got there Edit: You leant your friend $20 which for us is probably like $600 for Geno. I doubt you'd be ok if you a
  7. Seriously. I cut off my cable in part cause the only thing I watched on TV was Jets on Sunday and I couldn't even watch that with Gase and the team not even trying last year. I couldn't have made a better choice. I'll be exclusively streaming illegally this year. I'm not giving them a dime anymore
  8. I think this list only includes active players. CJ retired from the NFL 2 years ago when we gave him 51 million guaranteed
  9. They literally assault each other on the field and destroy their bodies 16 Sundays a year for huge money and our entertainment. If violence bothers you stop watching football. It is different and I don't know how you'd react to somebody poking you in the face running his mouth, but was IK supposed to go run and tell the teacher? You might be Ghandi, but he would have sucked at football
  10. It's an NFL locker room. Not an office. All money considerations aside you can't shove your finger in somebody's face when you're in the wrong and tell them they won't do sh*t. I feel like any self respecting person would toss a right hook. NFL lockerooms are clearly higher levels of testosterone, but **** that. I'd punch anyone who did that to me. Im not even violent or disagreeable. There's boundaries. Just poking me in the face alone would set me off Were not far removed from apes on a long term evolutionary scale and NFL locker rooms are a couple hundred thousand years behind t
  11. I think he earned his salary this year by being the only Jet who didn't seem to get the tank memo last season. I say pay him if they're bickering over money and I'm not the sentimental type with this. I wouldn't extend him, cut him or fight over salary. Who better for Elijah Moore to learn from for a year? That said if you're going to dick around on reducing his salary this year, cut him and let him go get a 3 year deal someplace else. He was basically the last trooper during Gase's final season. I respected him more than anyone else on the team last year
  12. Isn't that a long winded approach to how I felt about Geno? Same way I felt about LeBron leaving for the locker room with 5 minutes left. Uber talent can't teach you leadership. Imagine being the rest of those guys getting a pep talk from him now..... he's going to last one game longer than the knicks
  13. I stand by my comments. I had a Giants fan call and think he was trolling when he broke the news on Geno getting whacked. It backfired and I couldn't have been happier to have Fitzpatrick starting instead. Geno was a self entitled prick who finally ran into somebody that said nah. You don't stiff a charity and then get mouthy. Learn to apologize when you're clearly wrong and you don't have to worry about getting punched
  14. In all fairness the debt was over charity Geno stiffed. Im kind of glad someone punched him, it was long overdue. Some people deserve a smack cause its the only way they'll ever grow up
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