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  1. Probably a B+ if you're grading him as a normal GM. A+++++ level first ballot Hall of Famer if we're grading on the Jets curve,
  2. So I'm happy with the Jets right now. I can't tell if I like this feeling, it feels so unnatural.
  3. I'll take Mims, Pittman or Higgins. I don't really care which.
  4. More or less. If you watch his game tape he can dominate anyone. He can do it as a pro also, he's a freak. We just gotta get him to do it every play. He doesn't turn it on consistently.
  5. Not sure why you're agreeing on this. I wish Gregg Williams was his coach, he's on defense. This kid has the potential to be the best lineman ever with his measurables. He was also the one dude I didn't want cause his effort. We need somebody like Williams who will light a fire under his ass.
  6. Yeah. God bless I'm excited for tomorrow. Lots or great WR's sitting around for us that would be first rounders on a normal year. Praying for Mims or Pittman tomorrow
  7. Toss that money to a food kitchen or something helpful. AOC is beyond useless.
  8. I got no idea how to block ads. Max got the full $2 from me over the last 15 years
  9. Becton was the one dude I said ahead of time I didn't want. Maybe I'm getting old but my rage subsided quick. I'm not that upset. He has the highest upside of any lineman in the draft by far, I just don't know if he cares enough to reach it. We still got Pittman or Mims(I thought he was up there with Lamb or Juedy). Unless there's a run on WR we're looking good getting a stud tomorrow. I wouldn't mind Higgins either
  10. Not bad. I came here God knows how many years ago to protest the idea of drafting Mcfadden and I'm still sticking around with my awful user name over a decade later. Love this place.
  11. I mean you can keep them to yourself, but she's kind of got a point. Who the **** cares what Chris Simms thinks about a lineman? I'm 2 minutes in and I'm cringing listening

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