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  1. I get nauseous agreeing with Woody, but somebody needs to change it up if Salah is too loyal too MLF. Save Salah from himself
  2. We had to take a QB and it was Adam Gase's one last **** you to the fans after starting 0-13. We had Lawrence locked up
  3. I think we have very good WR talent at the moment. Relatively cheap also. We could cut Davis to save 10 I think. So Hopkins at 10 more would be a huge upgrade. I looked recently and we're 15 million under next year. I just don't know where the money is for a veteran QB also, when Q Williams should get the biggest deal in Jets history. That said I don't understand the cap BS at all. After last year and Saints being like 60 million over and somehow adding more people it all seems made up
  4. Just grow a majestic beard. I can't tell what GreenBean's body looks like in his Jets videos cause its all I see
  5. I ******* hate myself every day for not liking Josh Allen out of college. I hated him and Rosen. I only really liked Baker. I accepted Darnold. Im ******* stupid
  6. Our best QB right now is probably Chris Streveler. I don't think we need another WR
  7. Yes, cause going into the season all I cared about was seeing Zach progress. I didn't think we were contenders for anything. It turns out we could contend, but Zach and the offense in general was just a lost cause. If you told me this would be our record before the season I would have been happy because I'd figure we took a step at QB. We didn't
  8. Sauce. I know it's a lame unoriginal answer, but he was my guy at #4 last year or bust and has far exceeded any expectations. I also love Michael Clemons.
  9. Having edge rush threats for the first time since Jonathan Abraham so Williams could work and adding a pair of real corners
  10. There where some games with very good game plans. In particular they made Josh Allen look pedestrian for 2 games. MLF and the offense on the other hand is another story.
  11. Who gives a sh*t? They get off making fun of us. Those of us who actually care know he should have been benched at halftime of the Patriots game. This is our team, to them we're nothing more than web traffic for advertisers. Their uneducated opinion on the state of our team means less to than an uppirt vegans opinion on my diet.
  12. He is now. I'd start him next week if Mike White doesn't look any better than preseason. Streveler at least showed heart and looked good with no knowledge of the offense. I had more fun watching him on any given play than Zach who made me question again why I bother with this team and that was before his press conference.
  13. I missed the Mike White era. I was at a wedding that week. He just sucks from what I've seen
  14. Second half is ours. Our guys that will be working at UPS in 2 weeks always dominate the other teams. I'm not sweating betting on the Jets and the over 38 at all. About to pick up some points here then roll out the Kinkos crew
  15. This was definitely a new speedrun record for the Jets. I was off looking up 2023 mock drafts before halftime of the first preseason game
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