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  1. Nobody is saying he shouldn't get whatever money is out there for him. Just saying we're the idiots if we make an overrated safety our highest paid player at around $20 million a year.
  2. We're almost tied on meaningful sacks also. I'm willing to take the Vet minimum and keep my mouth shut for free
  3. He's got 2 more interceptions than me over the last 3 years. He makes me sad Gronk retired. I was also equally effective at covering him
  4. As a participant in the live draft thread I can say without hindsight I already knew this ahead of time. I knew when they took the retard from Florida instead of Winovich
  5. Honestly I don't give a sh*t on schedule. We have potentially the best team in the division if we focus on Offensive line this offseason. I don't care about schedule. I want the new GM to show he's not incompetent so I don't gotta pick games. I just want to expect to win
  6. This is so true. Even the club access is like $50
  7. Why though? I'm not arguing he's not a good safety. He's not a difference maker. I'd move him right now for a pick in the top half of the draft as opposed to paying him. I'd rather spend it on some lineman instead of making a safety our highest paid guy
  8. Anyone want to do a fantasy league? I'm a degenerate gambler. Like 10 bucks. I swear I don't know a single player in this league or where you can even sign up for this
  9. Dak is crying about 33 million and he sucks. Mahomes should get that plus a wing on the international space station with hookers in zero gravity.
  10. Yes, theoretically if we nail the next 3 drafts we're set.
  11. I feel bad for us. They revamped their entire line last offseason and we brought in a RB for about the same price with nobody to block.
  12. So he took Adams in the 2017 draft instead of Mahomes and proceeded to suck intentionally to put himself into a place to luck into Darnold? Even if that was his plan he's a ******* moron
  13. Lets see what Jimmy G has. They should have ran it last drive instead of passing. Now they got no choice
  14. I think the Kittle PI the first half was trash, that screwed you. That one was a real PI though
  15. Watkins finally earning his ridiculous contract tonight
  16. I mean imagine spending 16 weeks a year rooting for the Jets. I'll trade
  17. Very stupid. Strongest point of every offense he's ever run
  18. At least you got Bama. Think about the rest of us?
  19. I agree with you on OPI. This call was legit though
  20. At least we know she wasn't lip syncing like J Lo. That was a live mic. Disturbing, yes
  21. He didn't even try to make a play on the ball. That's a PI

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