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  1. Yeah. No clue how you guessed it that easy, lol. Im going to sleep. Jets are the Jets and they'll always be the Jets. Gotta stop letting them get to me also I appreciate the advice My brother just recently OD'd so I needed the team to bitch about. I can't be doing this on a Thursday work night
  2. I'm glad it's Friday technically now. I can't sleep cause this sh*t show, adrenaline is too high. In my defense I got a serious personality disorder that makes my mood shift from 0 to 100 with no governor on the golf cart. I'm out of drugs that can put me to sleep after this game. Work going to be a disaster tomorrow. Hopefully work this sh*t out some day, lol I'm not embarrassed about the personality thing. I've for the most part learned to work with it. It's fine to bust my balls. I ain't learned how to deal with this GD stupid POS team yet though
  3. We're paying a team of professional football players. I don't want to hear about the talent level after tonight. I know it's not great, this is what Salah supposedly does. Take responsibility or **** off. There's no excuse for flat out humiliation. Take responsibility and an active role on defense or leave. This sh*t was embarrassing tonight Nobody wants to continue bitching about this team. I know it'd be weird for us being proud of them, but it gets so old being a joke. Im not ever giving up on the Jets but its ******* exhausting having half your phone contacts only watching a sh*tty game to bust your balls cause you actually cared about it Edit: I even got a text from some chick from work. I don't remember even talking to her ever. I think we met at a Christmas party and works from home.. Just knew I was a Jets fan and decided to give me sh*t tonight. This sh*t has to stop, lol. Just for my sanity
  4. We're worse than bad. We beat 2 teams that are SB competitors. Then just don't even seem to show up other weeks. It's a lot more palatable when you just suck that we're all used to
  5. Salah needs to take responsibility and play calling duties. You can't chalk this all up to talent.
  6. It seems like we play better every time we're forced to toss out the game script this year. Our coaches might suck
  7. I think you're safe if you think that's where anyone's head is at right now. Im more in the camp Salah should get sh*t canned right now if he doesn't immediately announce after the game he's taking full responsibility and playcalling duty on defense after this.
  8. Yeah, I haven't been arguing with anyone saying it's a pure talent problem. I don't have the energy on a night like this. Clearly there's an issue with coaching
  9. Honestly it makes it more indefensible we're playing like this, particularly on defense. Like if we just sucked that's easier to stomach than seeing they can do it and then go out to humiliate themselves like this
  10. I picked up and started Elijah in fantasy tonight. I don't even care cause this game is making me not like football in general anymore.
  11. At least I'm killing it on the 20 points im going to get on PAT's from the Colts kicker in fantasy
  12. I mean everyone on the Jets should probably be fired. What about Rodger Goodell though? He gave us a primetime game. This is really the league's fault
  13. I don't think we could stop Rutgers tonight from marching it down our throat. At least the last time we had a Thursday prime time game the butt fumble was funny after getting over the embarrassment
  14. Honestly **** this team. I've watched every game for 30 years. I missed Sunday cause I was a groomsmen in a wedding. I wanted to be watching the Jets. I rushed home tonight and tuned in at 7-7. I missed the entire Mike White era........ **** this team
  15. Let's be honest, nobody is watching this sh*t show outside of Jets/Falcons fans and the most degenerate of gamblers
  16. Thank you to the NFL for making me wake up at 9am to watch this garbage. Also appreciate you sparing no expense getting this top notch officiating crew across the pond
  17. Who cares? They could beat this team running Tyler Perry out of the slot
  18. He sucks and I was openly furious when we took him, but hes not even close to the top of this list. Im not going to give whoever wrote this the click he wants, but he's a retarded troll
  19. Who cares? Season can't be worse than last year when everyone quit on Gase. Im ok with sucking. The not trying last year finally broke me after 6 weeks. I didn't think it was possible
  20. Listen. You're not really wrong. NFL lockeroom is different than wherever you work. Bunch of juiced up alphas. Geno didn't really leave him a choice if I understand the story correctly. I personally wouldn't feel ok with that level of disrespect either. Just say sorry and give him the $600 rather than try to show him up and in front of the rest of the team. Proportionally to what he makes its a meaningless amount of money and he should have just squashed it before it got there Edit: You leant your friend $20 which for us is probably like $600 for Geno. I doubt you'd be ok if you asked about it a month later and got talked down to with a finger shoved in your face. Just say sorry and acknowledge it. Its not a big deal. The condescension is and he was supposed to be a leader. IK was some average JAG. Why I'm much more pissed at Geno
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