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  1. I used to just invest in gold. Bitcoin is more practical though. I like it because like gold its finite and the value is decided by the people so it's inwards from us out. Fiat BS and I've never been more sure the dollar is ****ed than this year is institutions and government trying to tell us what it's worth when its limitless, so the value is outwards in.
  2. I'd grab him. He's electric. He had nothing to run behind, just like everyone else in Detroit. Strange now though with the line upgrade there. What's the deal?
  3. I don't want to be a dick about a woman's looks but she puts it out there on Instagram and you guys keep reminding me of Instagram posting about it. She is not attractive with that face. She's Handsom.
  4. Probably Richard Sherman who I never wanted. We drafted like 15 DBs on the last day and a lot of them big with long arms. See what he can teach them for a year, he's annoying but not stupid
  5. I guess Dolan is leaving the Knicks alone given their success and he's on to the Rangers. I can't complain since I'm a Knicks fan as well as an Islanders. Apparently he's pissed his 3 year rebuild lost to team it took 20+ to get good
  6. He was a better coach than Mangini. He was a roster destroyer though. Tanny should have been fired the second Mangini was for a GM with a spine. I don't blame any of the above. Its was an ownership problem. Just hoping this new structure sticks and the Johnson's **** off and stay passive owners for once. Lucked into a good thing with Gase bringing in Douglas
  7. Great run blocker. You can toss him at any of those spots. We got a plan this year. Stop us running behind that left side of the line and if you commit to that leave yourself open to Zack Wilson and our WRs
  8. Probably smart kid for the room who can help teach route concepts. Not a bad signing in with the restricted offseason. Looks to be a smaller guy. Elijah Moore's roommate in camp
  9. It is now. When is the last time we had a head coach and GM on the same page? Probably Tanny and Mangini Mangini wasn't the greatest coach but a great talent evaluator. Tanny was there to sign off and do the numbers. Next we kept Tanny and the great roster we built and teamed it with Rex. You can't even blame Rex for destroying that SB ready roster cause he was a kid in a candy store, of course he's going to get a sugar high and want everything. No buisness in personnel decisions. Now let's fire Tanny and hire Korn Ferry at 6 figures for our GM search. Also as a condition Rex must remain head coach. Im shocked the best we could get is John Idzik. Whatever, it keeps going. We finally seem to have a competent GM and a Coach that at least looks like the real deal on the same page. Only Woody being back in town could F this up somehow. Just let them work. After last year anything they do this season will look good. Pressure isn't come from the fans for an instant rebuild. Just progress
  10. Them waiving the intellectual property rights is a virtue signal. Which one of these developing countries are they expecting to get a lab up and running any time soon? Not just a facility that can develop vaccines cause India produces plenty of the older vaccines. These mRNA vaccines are brand new technology(why they're not testing it on me). Forget the financial capital needed to set it up, there's not the intellectual capital to spread around. You can print money and spend money like a drunken sailor, you can't create enough people with the understanding and capabilities. It's all BS. Why most of my money is in Bitcoin. You can't just print like this forever. DOGE is hilarious though
  11. We where allowed to spend our stimulus checks on things other than DOGE or Gamestop?
  12. I'd love to read an article like this about the Raiders process of JaMarcus Russell
  13. I complain every year. I could care less after they finally went offense with their top 4 picks. Let Salah pick whatever toys he wants on D now
  14. Jesus. They went offense for once with the first 4 picks. Let Salah have whoever he wants on defense today. I got what I wanted
  15. Craig is so dumb he makes us functionality dumb Jets fans look bad. Zack doing this in the first place is a red flag
  16. You're big on this RB stuff and I've done zero research this year. Anyone worth looking at for tomorrow?
  17. Its painful every time we lose a player from that SB team cause it seems they and me will be gone before the next one. Sh*tty way to die but I choose to celebrate his life. SB champ who died at 77 fishing. I'll take that obituary
  18. Guessing safety just based on whats there but I'm hoping for offense. Edit: I consider that dude from Notre Dame a safety if Jamal Adam's is allowed to be called one
  19. I don't know my ass from my elbow this year. I'm just hoping there isn't a run on Oline before our second pick. Let's not get our newest new QB killed this time
  20. So an Eric Mangini highlight. It ends at Revis which was 2007
  21. Our roster sucks. GB was a player or 2 from a SB and traded up for a QB. They created their own nightmare. Rodgers makes no sense here
  22. I'd want out also. They created a cluster**** getting cute and trading up for a QB last year when they're a WR away from a SB. We're not. So hard pass on trading for him
  23. Really? Why didn't he just claim his internet was out?
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