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  1. Makes you realize what a massive black hole Becton is on the line. Looked comically large last year oit there with the rest of our line. He's got 30+ pounds on everyone listed. If we can just keep him healthy
  2. After last year? Competent and competitive team weekly. Last year was the saddest thing I've ever seen as a Jets fans. Obviously improvement from whoever the QB is
  3. We spent a 4th on James Morgan and didnt let him dress for a game. I'd hope he's the backup. What's the point of drafting a backup that high if he can't play 2 of the 4 years on his cheap rookie deal? We saving him for year 3? I thought he should have played last year. We going to ruin our SB chances taking a look? I wanted a mentor type like Smith, do any of these guys fit the bill? I haven't really followed their careers that close
  4. Hoped we'd bring him in in that Josh McCown roll. Honestly rather not see him play again though. It's an inspiration he made it all the way back to win some games last year. Nothing left to prove risking it. Hope him a happy retirement, seems like one of the few legitimate class acts in the NFL recently
  5. I mean I'm down for drinks when they eventually give him that Tunsil type deal cause they cant admit to being stupid on giving up 2 firsts. They're basically screwed and the guy wants QB money as their QB doesn't even want to be there. Nice to watch other people be the butt of the joke
  6. Would you employ somebody you knew paid for ESPN+? I know some people who have included for like a year in some sort of package
  7. He never did us a single favor. Seattle did in an act of pure retardation
  8. Enjoy the retirement money you grifted. I listen to a lot of conservative radio and always lots of stuff about gold and silver for retirement. There should just be a commercial about the Jets setting you up for life at this point. Like is CJ Mosley actually even a player for this team?
  9. They're Jets fans who believed a PSL was a legit investment, in the same building where the Giants win a SB once a decade. You expecting us to have a bunch of aerospace engineers call in?
  10. I liked Redtails. Good name for entirely legit historical and cool reasons, plus you get points from the woke crowd you got in trouble with to start. I thought that was a good one a year ago before they chose the dumbest possible option "Football Team"
  11. I think you mean Chris Simms, but yeah. He wasn't very good as a QB himself and I used to make fun of him thinking he got a job cause nepotism. Truth be told though he's the only decent thing about Mike Florios garbage operation over ar PFT. The guy has a better track record than anyone in media evaluating QB prospects and he's never had a problem going against the grain when everyone else just nods in agreement.
  12. Just let the draft get here already. Some of this is so stupid. I don't even know why you bother defending yourself from this
  13. Hate tying my money up that long so it has to be good. This is that good to me. Appreciate you pointing out it was broke
  14. I'm betting this now. This is a ****ed line if correct. No way they go under
  15. Losing to the Jets late really woke them up. They're all in this year. I might toss some money on them for a SB preseason if the odds are good.
  16. I got borderline personality but I'm pretty well trained after years of working on it. I still do therapy weekly even with Covid to keep it in line. Obviously I'm not bashful still, lol. I still suck at a lot of picking up on stuff Edit: I doubt it, but anyone dealing with manic depression type sh*t can PM me. I know it's tough but I've done it and the depression sucks since I'm beyond medication. I still can't help it. I don't care about embarrassing myself anymore. I just did it. Ask me. I know how hard it is to ask and you got someone who understands
  17. Max my head has been on your guillotine forever, but I just want you to understand I don't understand sometimes when I'm joking with somebody or they're seriously mad. I can't fathom getting mad here at anyone, but its happening a lot recently. Really I just want you to let me continue to be me with a personality disorder as you cut people with actual malice. I like everybody who's a Jets fan. I'm just annoying
  18. I don't think I've ever actually been mad at anyone here. Some people get upset for real it seems. I got banned once cause somebody was pissed and I thought was messing around so I responded to a PM for a time and parking lot for the fight. I did egg him on first, but I obviously wasn't driving 6 hours. I get in trouble for lots cause I'm less sensitive than most of you. Everybody just needs to chill sometimes. Arguing is fine. Toss anything my way, but remember we got 31 other fan bases to deal with
  19. He's been a complete professional here. Glad he's thrilled to be someplace that wants him.
  20. I'm not sure how this works but he's way more of a child than me behaving this way and he cant screw up Mogz notifications anymore. Let him be a moron if he can't do any harm Edit: if we banned everyone we think is an idiot we would be reduced to a board where Crusher eats Tom Shane on PPV. We'd all be gone. I'm literally on my last strike getting Max to stay my execution as long as possible cause I love it here
  21. Basically the same thing. I've had people troll me over the years. I'm not exactly likable at times, lol. As far as I know if you ignore them it's over and they're out of you life. I'm sure you won't miss him and his brilliant takes
  22. Its "an" agency and please PM me with a contact within said company. I have no real moral compass Edit: I actually probably have the strongest moral compass of anyone I know. A better way to phrase it is I lack the part of my brain that that regulates inhibition
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