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  1. Him ******* up your notifications I can see being annoying. Just put him on ignore and move on. If that doesn't work I agree something should be done. Honestly just ignore him if possible. Not missing anything obviously
  2. Your name is RutgersJetFan. It might as well be biggest loser in the world. We live in a world of suck with our team choices. Who cares about a down vote? We just watched Gase butt **** us for 2 years. If possible I'd like to request a mod erase my entire rep.
  3. Does it really effect your life without you letting it? Just ignore it and laugh at him being an idiot stalking you. I'll downvote this post myself. Who cares? Let him be a moron. You waste time thinking about it and he gets what he wants
  4. Zero chance he's getting traded. They leaked all this to start with. He's worth more to them and now he's toxic to everyone else. Value is sh*t as was intended. There's no market and he can't demand anything now
  5. None. Were locked into a QB at #2. There's little to no doubt SF called us first about that trade package and we had no interest in biting
  6. I don't got to read any of this. The answer was the Oline and a solid D. I could have run for 1000 yards that year Edit: I don't think Rex was as bad as most here. His downfall was coupling him with a wet napkin he could walk through as GM
  7. I watched him play twice. He sucks. As I said in a separate thread, feel free to save this and make fun on me in 2 years
  8. I take back my halfway nice comment. I thought they where actually giving people like you a good faith gesture. It wouldn't be a bad Idea. You've earned it. I should have known they wouldn't though
  9. Sam is worth whatever we can get for him right now cause the film sucks. Reverse side is he's not that bad and we ruined him. Maybe it's guilt, but I say let the kid go if we're taking Wilson. He didn't do anything wrong but get drafted by us
  10. He's young, he's got talent, but the ship has sailed. I blame us mainly for what happened and really hope he gets a chance to go on and do good things(unless he ends up in the AFC East). He's not a bad kid. I don't know if he's a bad player, but it's over here. Sometimes the breakup is best for everyone
  11. You still paid for a PSL at a time I decided this random bitcoin thing seems less retarded. I mean this is actually a nice way to give back to the people most loyal who deserve it for once.
  12. Yup, but he's a perfect fit for Shanahan and his offense. I can't believe they gave the ******* Dolphins 3 firsts to move up for the guy though. At least they kept him from the Pats though. I'm not sure who else they needed to worry about jumping them at 12
  13. I was guessing mid 6 figures. Obviously I would take that deal if I didn't have a clue similar to Mel.
  14. No doubt they sucked. What does it say about Mel's incompetence nobody has even asked him about a front office position? Mayock got one after like 5 years on TV
  15. Yup, this is the a$$hole who thought Jimmy Clausen was the second coming. There's a reason he's been doing this for 40 years and outside a possible prank never got a call from an NFL front office
  16. I just finally got the description of what he supposedly did. I cant defend this anymore. Let it play out in the courts. I don't want to touch this. I hope it's BS for many reasons
  17. Well that's bad then. I really have not. Edit: I've done a lot of sh*t that was all consensual cause I'm poor with strippers, was mostly after work. Less so the therapists cause it was all paid. I never humped the air like a baboon or came on anything without permission
  18. What is he actually accused of? Can anyone tell me? I really don't know outside banging massage therapists which I've done. Is that it? This is a serious question. I got no TV and don't read much internet
  19. I wouldn't waste my time either. He doesn't at all fit their system and they probably watched the 3 Ohio State games I did this year
  20. I don't think anything could be worse but is Sam Darnold 2021: It cant possibly get worse The bumper sticker you want on your car
  21. It'd be a serious red flag in character if he did waste his time with it right now.
  22. Very strange I've gotten time outs for my racial uncomfortable behavior. Granted I've spent more time and get along better with than maybe anyone here. I say sh*t, never meant to offend accept Manish and I'm best man at up upcoming hindu ceremony.
  23. The Chargers didn't get sh*t for Brees. We won't either for Sam he'll leave in free agency. If you think Sam can light it up(and who knows cause Gase) you keep him and we should have taken the haul the Dolphins just got. Looks like we want Wilson. I see no point in keeping him if that's the case. I make dick sh*t for a living so I don't know. I didn't even watch half the games last year. I'd hope Joe Douglas, who makes millions, did watch and can nut up. It's his decision. Keeping both is a cop out on his part
  24. I mean looks like they plan on taking Wilson and overplayed their hand after today on moving Darnold. I'm guessing its Wilson from the fact we likely fielded the same calls from SF and said no. I thought they were the best fit for him, that's not happening now. Supply and demand requires a demand, most have moved on with their plans. Nobody to really bid against. Maybe Chicago at this point? But I doubt we'll get a second
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