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  1. Stallworth is out at least 6 weeks with a broken foot. So we wont have to worry about that lineup until the AFC Championship game.
  2. No problem. Glad to see it got done, takes a lot of stress off of my football season.

  3. At the NFLPA meeting last month we were told one of the key sticking points to the new CBA being finalizes is the way the teams vs. the PA wants to deal with injured players, their contracts, and when they can be cut from teams vs. what kind of money the team will owe the players. The owners also do not want to allow the players the option to go get a second opinion from any doctor they want a set list of approved doctors much like they have for financial advisors and worker's compensation lawyers. Otherwise, SLATS is pretty much on the money.
  4. Poison pills are one thing that they are working out with new CBA. So we will see. Slats is right about the RFA and the accrued seasons, but I thought I read somewhere that Revis can no longer opt out of the buy back years. Again, after the holiday I will pull the contract and try to find the language. Either way, I see the Jets (if it goes that far) definitely biting on the 5 million but not the 15 million if the buy back years are in there, but I could have sworn that he lost that option the same time he a year back to the Jets.
  5. I have no ties to Revis or the Jets. No motive for spilling the beans except that I am a jets fan and haven't be on the site for a while. I used to watch the games with the guys in Raleigh when I was in law school there. But I understand your skepticism, but yes his agents aren't doing a good job of representing him, and to most it may or may not be apparent, to some it is apparent because they just dont understand the game that is being played and are angry that the Jets best player is sitting out, others understand a little about the negotiating process and the different stages of it and understand where we are in the process now. If Revis were to call me today and ask me to represent him, absolutely I would. I would be dumb not to, however, I have never had a conversation with the man and have no direct ties to him, and just to clarify, if Revis were to dump his agents and hire someone else, his old agents would still get paid every penny they were to receive on the old contract as well as a good faith payment on whatever the new contract wound up being because they did most of the leg work and deserve to be compensated for their work. So new agent would make less than what the old agents would receive.
  6. Really appreciated your insight to the Revis situation, your knowledge definitely opened my eyes a bit. Thank you very much.

  7. To have an agent player relationship there has to be trust. The player has to believe that the agent has his best interests at heart and is going act on behalf on him in the proper fashion. Revis trusts these guys. They told him that he was going to get the deal and to go home and not say anything. Revis isnt being greedy he is trusting the people he pays to act on his behalf. However, these two have their own interests in mind. Why Revis hasn't gotten involved I do not know, but I liken it to pillow talk with your girlfriend or wife. What is said in the bedroom stays in the bedroom, and obviously something has been said to keep Revis on the couch right now. I do not think it is long before he starts talking though and figuring out what he ultimately wants.
  8. To answer the addition my gut says this gets done soon. but what everyone has to understand is that these agents have gone for broke, they are all in. If they don't get the big deal not only do they lose credibility they lose clients for the next few years. I do not think this goes all year, look at Crabtree last year, it doesnt make sense for the entire season because then you lose money ultimately anyway. It all depends on when Revis decides he wants to get involved in this, because I guarantee so far he hasnt said anything and definitely has not thrown out a number
  9. To be honest, I do. I don't know why it has gone this long. His agents are trying to make a statement with Vjax and Revis this season and cash in on the uncapped year. I just dont see it happening. I dont see the team caving and I think eventually Revis is going to lose faith in his agents and his competitive nature will take over. I thought that would have happened by now, but we will see. I have been wrong before and I will be wong again sometime, I just hope not about this. While it looks iffy for week one (if he isnt signed by Wednesday I would say week 1 is definitely out) I hope that by week 2 we have him back.
  10. I wish I worked for the jets somehow. I would quit being an agent tomorrow if Tanny would hire me. But to answer your question, yes we have access to a database that the NFLPA puts up that has every contract and all the details. As far as getting paid, it comes from the player not the team.
  11. Also, wouldn't they only be able to use his prorated bonus amount to factor into it and not the total amount, so they could only use a little over 1.1 million as the bonus if i remember correctly for what his prorated amount from last season was. At least that is how I read the rule in the CBA.
  12. If i were the jets I would buy back the years anyway, even if he were still allowed to void the contract, at least the first one. and while i do understand what you are saying about skill vs. injury, it is just a preference of mine to have injury guarantees especially at a young age, for older vets, thats where I would go with the personal insurance and the skill covers both angles there, but then your are still paying for the insurance. He will be signed in my opinion, I have thought that since the beginning, it was just horribly mismanaged! Either way, the Jets D will be fine for the most part, its playing Indy that we would have to worry about again, no one else has that kind of group where you need 3 studs. We have 2 studs and Lowry who depending on the day can be decent.
  13. You are not being rude, you are completely correct about the buyback years, I was under the impression that he lost that ability to opt out and be a RFA along with the holdout. You are correct that you cannot be a UFA for 6 years, years 3, 4, and 5 are now RFA years and year 2 is an exclusive rights year. Again I will pull the contract and read it, but it would make sense to me that if you are getting the extra year then he loses the ability to opt out anyway. Makes no sense to still let him do that, that would have been poor planning by Tanny and I don't see him missing that one.
  14. Again, I have not read the entire contract, I know about the Holdout clause and know that we now have him for 4 years because he lost a year (this includes this season). The deal was originally a 5 year deal (so this would be his third year, so including this year we had 3 years left). By holding out the deal became a 6 year deal. Slats is correct that his play has trigged his option to opt out early but he can only become an exclusive rights player or RFA, he will not have accrued enough time to be a UFA based on the current CBA. I would assume that in the event of the holdout with language being in the deal that he would lose a year of eligibility that it would only be reasonable for him to lose the ability to be an exclusive rights or RFA player and the ability to opt out. It would only make sense, there is no reason to have one without the other. Slats however could be correct. I will pull the contract this weekend and read the whole thing (its massive). The other problem and I am not sure how they are getting around this is the 30% rule. The collective bargaining rule states that in the event of an uncapped year any player contract for a veteran player that was in effect for the 2009 season and is being renegotiated in 2010 (uncapped) can not be more than 30% greater than what it was in 2009 for 2010 or any subsequent years (this does not include signing bonus, workout bonus, likely or unlikely to be earned incentives etc.). So for example if your salary was 1 million in 2009 you cant renegotiate for more than 1.3 in 2010. Revis has 2 accrued seasons so he is technically a veteran from NFL CBA standards. I am sure there is a loophole to this and there must be, i just do not know what it is. Haven't had to deal with it yet and hopefully won't until the new CBA is in place.
  15. Oh i agree, I am not claiming that at all, I was just answering a question as to what everyone was making by showing where the money was coming from and what the Cap reflects (even though there is no cap) but as far as the team reports vs. what the player is actually receiving.
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