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    beating the colts first round of the playoffs... CUT THAT MEAT
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    missed field goals in pittsburgh... losing to broncos/ oakland... plenty of those
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  1. Baker Mayfield

    Maybe I'm in the minority here but a short qb with off the field issues doesn't get me too excited.
  2. Christian Hackenberg- Foot Mechanics

    Hack had one of the worst offensive lines in college and took something like over 100 sacks in his career... The kid is gun shy... you can see him not stepping to the target and fading away when pressure is coming or the pocket is collapsing. Changing his footwork mid-career (O'Brien Pro Style/Franklin Spread) definitely didn't help... but I think he's just more afraid of being hit, even if it's subconsciously... he took a beating and in the heat of the moment you see him revert if he can break the bad habit, he's ridiculously talented and every bit as talented as anyone who's came out or is coming out... but that's a big if, Lord knows David Carr couldn't
  3. as a football coach, I always enjoy talking a little ball... slow day in the offseason, let's take a closer look at what's going on here
  4. Grade the Pick: Darron Lee

    Just watching some bs youtube cut up of Lee. I think it should be noted he's definitely not an inside lb. He's like the new age Sam/Strong Safety. Aligning over #2, alley run support/getting under #1 on pass, coming off the edge. Sort of a jack of all trades master of none position. Difficult for WR's to block but he'd be lost on the inside, and too small to align on a TE. Athletically he can definitely run. From what I can tell, it looks like OSU runs a field front. He triggers pretty quickly on outside run which i like. check it out for yourselves:
  5. 3rd Round Pick!

    womp womp
  6. 3rd Round Pick!

    would love to see abdullah be the pick.... twitchy, great balance, jump cuts and explosion
  7. The Official Draft Thread (1st Round)

    haha... or dennard....

    I, for one, don't think CJ is washed up by any means. It's very difficult to run the ball when your QB and OL aren't very good. He may not be the player he was in 2009, but if he comes here... he's going to start haven't posted in a long time, feels good
  9. HA HA no but really.. clinton-dix
  10. Sanchez says he expects to win starting job.

    i may be in the minority but i think he'll win the starting job too
  11. bahahahahahahhaaahahahaha this guy
  12. Game Tape: Sheldon Richardson

    gotta like a guy that can stand up and blitz and the next play line up as a 1 tech... definitely looks very versatile, which will be cool cuz rex always finds wacky ways to use guys
  13. Game Tape: Geno Smith

    you can't knock him for throwing screens, that's just a part of the system they run. they run a million and one tunnel/ bubble screens, try to tire out the d-line and then it opens up the run game which is also why Holgorsen, Leach, and those other Air Raid guys have had efficient rushing attacks. what really has to impress you is his mastery of Holgorsen's offense... 3 to 4 read pass concepts, packaged plays, read routes... the kid has a high football IQ, just going to be an adjustment learning the offense... also i'm interested to see why the offense stalled second half of the year
  14. Live Draft Discussion Thread - rounds 4-7

    one of my buddies was his coach at uva... i'll have to inquire about him