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  1. If Coles had a Manning/Brady/Palmer type of QB, no one would question him, he's a #1 WR in my eyes
  2. Exactly, I use to try and give 128 good rep to try and get him out of red, I even posted in a thread how I thought 128 was a good person and guess what? Lurker killed me with rep. Its sad how one or two pricks can ruin your rep when everyone else gives you good rep at times .
  3. A smart girl with average looks or a smokin' girl that barely made it out of high school after a summer of post-graduate studies...... Well my girl is pretty (In my eyes) And she is also real smart, but I would have to say a smart girl with average looks because once you love someone, looks aint everything I have one... DWC, Lurker, or IrishJet?
  4. Go get him SmizzMeister! Bite his rep like a pitbull, once you bite, dont let go-
  5. What happen to your rep? Scared of Smizzy?
  6. Juan Salas, Dan Wheeler, Gary Glover, Trevor Miller and Al Reyes should do just fine, these middle relief pitchers are ALOT better than what the Rays has ever had, lets not forget that we have never had a closer like Percival.
  7. For some reason, that seems like a POTWN in my eyes
  8. Nope, funny thing is... None of those comments were sent to me Keep trying, I guess Smizzy was right, you dont know as much as you think you do about your little "Friend"
  9. lol, Kazmir will be back You ever heard of Garza or Shields?
  10. Ill actually be the bigger man over the internet and just walk away and let you do you because im gonna do what I do and just enjoy life, talking about sports is a way to relax for me when im doing nothing. I could care less about "Fighting" With someone over the internt, at the same time- Its easy to put 2 and 2 together, I can tell you enjoy it, have fun
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