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  1. Well, I honestly feel our Offense was garbage last year because of the O-Line, not only did the O-Line struggle to open up holes in the running game but they also had problems in terms of protectiong the QB. The addition of 7 Time Pro Bowler in Alan Faneca should help D'Brickishaw Ferguson protect the QB from the blind side-and Woody starting over Clement should improve the pass protection from the right side. With Ferguson-Faneca and Mangold, the left side of the O-Line should be strong for the running game. The fact of the matter is this... Other than Coles and Leon Washington AT TIMES (But he's not a starter), this Offense lacks the play-maker that every offense needs. The Patriots have Moss, the Chargers have Gates and LT, the Benglas have Chad Johnson, the Vikings have Peterson, the Steelers have Willie Parker, the Colts have an Offense full of playmakers, the Redskins have Portis, the Chiefs have Larry Johnson, I can go on and on... Even the Dolphins and Bills have Ronnie Brown and Marshawn Lynch, this Jets team really dont have that playmaker, but McFadden could be that playmaker that this Jets offense is dying for. I know defense is important and Gholston would be a great fit but at the same time our D already has 3 young guns in Rhodes, Revis and Harris-Lets not forget players like Jenkins and Pace, this Offense needs McFadden, believe it or not
  2. Yeah but we run the 3-4 and OLB's are the ones who pressure the QB, we dont run a 4-3 where DE's like Taylor, Freeney, Osi, and John Abe can all get to the QB. I really cant name one 3-4 DE that gets over 10 sacks per year
  3. McFadden has been playing football since he was a kid and NEVER broke a leg. You dont have to have big legs to have strong bones, just to let you know. And you keep on telling people to stop watching highlight reels, lmao, you do know that alot of us have watched this kid since he's been a freshman right? Maybe YOU should be the one who actually watches McFadden play an actual game instead of the highlights of him just running by defenders on youtube, sorry to let you know, but... Youtube doesnt show McFadden picking up the tough yards inorder to get a 1st down, but the game film does, maybe you should watch some of them Im not saying that im an expert but I always thought Bush was a WR playing the role of a RB, I was in love with Peterson ever since his freshman year, and I been in love with McFadden since the middle of his freshman year, McFadden is the real deal
  4. I think you should be worried about your little secondary and over the hill LB's,
  5. I knew after your first post that you were just another McFadden hater, but thats besides the point. The Giants run a 4-3 Defense where thier two defensive ends are the ones who put the pressure on the QB in Strahan and Osi- The Jets run a 3-4 where the heart of the 3-4 are the NT and MLB positions, we now have a true NT in Jenkins and a real 3-4 IMLB in David Harris, things are looking great for this Jets defense. Gholston would be great for the D but McFadden could also be amazing for this Jets offense. I guess your right, I guess LT means nothing to the Chargers, I guess the Vikings made the biggest mistake in sporting history by drafting Peterson, I guess the injury to Steven Jackson didnt hurt the Rams last year, I guess having a great RB means nothing in todays game
  6. Great post, but... You forgot the fact that we now have a TRUE blocking fullback in Tony Richardson!
  7. I'm excited about getting rid of Robertson for the simple fact it's clear that he's never been a 3-4 NT and we are in good hands with Jenkins and Pouha as far as the 3-4 NT goes. As far as Barrett goes, this has to be his last year as a Jet. Right now we only have Barrett, Miller and Coleman to compete for the #2 CB position, so I think it's important that we go and draft a CB like Cason in the 2nd round because with Revis and Cason, Miller and Coleman would make solid backups and we could then release Barrett by the start of next season Im not sure about the release of Barton though, I mean you can never have enough LB's in the 3-4 and other than Harris, im not happy with any other IMLB on this roster. I mean, I guess we would have to get pretty lucky in the 4th round to find a future starter in replace of Barton
  8. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  9. haha, how dumb can you really be?
  10. Wow, great post. Now I have a question for you -It looks like the Jets will be releasing Robertson, as a fan, are you worried about the Jets cap situation interms of the future of the Jets?
  11. I remember when I was younger the Colts were in the AFC East! Just think of the Jets being in the afc east with the Patriots AND the Colts, WOW
  12. Isnt 128's rep so weak where it would show up as grey? No way was it 128, it had to be Thor
  13. Great find Toon. If the Jets land McFadden, I would be so pumped up for this Offense, we would have an exciting back, for a long time. McFadden and Leon Washington could be one of the best 1-2 punches for years to come
  14. Yeah right, my rep is WEAK! Plus, I give out alot of positive rep when I get a chance and I guess you can only give acouple REP's per day Trust me, it wasnt me, but when I seen his REP today I started to crack up for the simple fact he trys so hard to negative rep others into red.
  15. POTWN. I made the thread on how Lurker would negative rep you if your opinion is different than his, for example: He HATES 128, so I said in a thread that 128 makes me laugh with his big brother stuff, and Lurker gave me 5 negative reps in a row for me sticking up for 128? Good, im glad people got tired of his B.S.
  16. Not if the Rays have anything to say about it
  17. What do you think happened between Lurker and a mod?
  18. I guess everyone that he gave negative feedback, for no reason-attacked back
  19. Give us the 411 Sperm! Remeber: Only 6 teams have less than 5 million in the cap, the Jets is one of em
  20. He retired because he was mentaly tired, he didnt retire because he couldnt compete with the best. When you call a player "Done" Your talking about a player that has nothing left, not a player who retired because he was drained out. Like I said, Favre is FAR from DONE, he was 1 game away from the SB I can see it now... Chad Johnson gets traded to the Packers and Favre comesback
  21. Do you feel you get more attention with your bold font? Yeah... Great idea, trade or release the only veteran QB we have and leave Kellen Clemens without a backup that has the talent to manage a game
  22. I think we need to keep Barrett. Having Miller as our #2 CB and Coleman as our #3 is a disaster waiting to happen. I hate Barrett but other than Rhodes and Revis, our secondary is pretty weak as of right now
  23. He may be mentaly drained out, but he's FAR from DONE. He played great last season for the Packers, if he wakes up one day and wants to give it another shot-No doubt in my mind that the man can comeback and still win in this league
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