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  1. I just seen this on ESPN What does this mean for the future of the Jets? Rhodes, future free agents, the whole 9 I love our offseason, but now we are only one of six teams that have LESS than 5 million in cap, the Bills have over 20 million, any chance we can be introuble interms of the long run?
  2. Whats does this mean? Favre played lights out last year and played a bad game vs the Giants, I cant see Favre leaving the NFL like that. Anyone thinks Favre plays this year?
  3. I think that would be horrible for the NFL The AFC East would be weird without the BUFFALO BILLS, thats like losing the Dolphins or the Patriots, things wouldnt be the same in the AFC East. Rival games are what makes the NFL Exciting, I remember when the Bucs and the Packers use to hate eachother with Sapp going after Favre-After the Bucs went to the NFC South, that Rival has never been the same
  4. Its also funny how the Steelers may be looking to draft a LG in the 1st round. The loss of Faneca will hurt this Steelers team, this isnt Joey Porter or Jerome Bettis, they messed up on this one
  5. Who knows, But I bet he did it to himself. He attacks anyone and everyone who has a different opinion than his point of view through PM's and rep comments
  6. I just have a bad feeling that Rhodes is gonna be another John Abe situation. First we might have a tough time signing him to a fair deal for both the Jets and Rhodes, then we may have to franchise tag him, then before you know it he will be playing against the Jets for the Patriots. I dont like to think negative-but I just have a bad feeling about this one.
  7. Yeah, I agree but I dont care if it's game one in the regular season or game 7 in the playoffs... I wanna see the Red Sox lose every game
  8. What comes around-Goes around, he deserves it.
  9. Stucky has talent I just feel that his potential really isnt anything more than a backup type of player, I wish we could find a Wayne Chrebet type of slot WR-A Player who plays hard, gets open on 3rd downs, shows no fear and can catch just about anything thrown his way. I swear, if we could ever find another #1 WR, I think Coles would make the perfect slot WR
  10. lmao, I think grey rep is when someone has thier rep feature turned off, Im not 100% though
  11. And Keep them out of Private schools, lol, im serious though. I grew up in public schools and I can tell you this, I knew alot of Catholic school girls who grew up to be some freaks 4real
  12. Cmon.... Cmon... I just put up 250 on Memphis, I have them losing to UNC in the Championship game. Cmon....Cmon... Your only putting up 50?
  13. Game over, Red Sox win 6-5. Good game but its just sad how the A's ruined a chance to tie the game with bad base running
  14. Another base hit, Runners on 1st and 2nd now
  15. Crosby just got a single, see what I mean? If he woulda stayed on 2nd, the game would be tied right now. Runner on 1st, 2 outs
  16. What a dumb MF!!! He just hit an RBI double and went for a tripple for NO REASON, Could have been one out with a runner on 2nd to tie the game with only one out. 6-5 with 2 outs,
  17. Strikeout, 1 out for the A's Damnit
  18. I believe they said a little after 7 P.M Its the 10th inning now, the Red Sox are up 6-4 but the A's have a runner on first with 0 outs, I still have faith in the A's lol, but chances are the Red Sox will start the season 1-0
  19. Wow, this cant be serious, I just checked up on my rep and it says you gave me positive feedback, I would say thnx but I can bet my bottom dollar that you were going to give me negative feedback-And then your mouse went crazy and gave me good feedback by mistake:box:
  20. I forgot about you, but I dont really care anymore about getting negative reps, I guess its just a game
  21. Yeah but Kelly would be an amazing pickup if he fell to the Jets in the 2nd round, I would also love Cason
  22. LT and a NT for the 3-4 are the hardest positions to fill, they are BY FAR the hardest positions for a player to play. Just the fact that Ferguson started his rookie season when we made the playoffs and started last year next to a backup LG is amazing. The kid has only been in the league for 2 seasons, this year we should see him turn into one of the best LT's in the league playing next to Faneca.
  23. We already gave Kellen a great starting LG in Faneca instead of Montgomery and Woody at RT instead of Clement, lets go out and get Kellen a slot WR in the draft and watch out, this kid can play, not only does he have potential but he has the arm to win alot of games, thats just how I feel
  24. LT-D'Brickishaw Ferguson LG-Alan Faneca C-Nick Mangold RG-Brandon Moore RT-Jake Long Lets not forget that Woody can play just about every position on the O-Line and gives this Jets team great deph incase a player goes down due to injury Our O-Line would be in great hands for the next 10 seasons with Ferguson at LT, Mangold at Center and Jake Long at RT, Just think of the pass protection from the outside with Ferguson and Long
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