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  1. Release Robertson and work out a good deal with Kerry Rhodes to complete a great offseason Peace Robertson, we have Jenkins now
  2. This is exciting news for me as a Jets fan. I dont care who the starting quarterback is... Kellen OR Chad, having a healthy WR in Coles who is focused on winning is Important The man runs good routes, gets open and makes just about any catch thats possible, Im glad Coles will be our #1 WR once again because that means Cotchery should dominate #2 CB's again
  3. Give us McFadden in round one and Malcolm Kelly in Round Two, Crazy, they could have an impact on offense like Revis and Harris had on Defense for us last year as Rookies. But honestly with the CB situation, I cant see us going Offense in round one AND two. Gholston in round one and Cason in round two would be pretty exciting for this Jets Defense
  4. I seen an interview on ESPN where Chad Johsonon said something like "2 years ago we went 8-8, last year 7-9, what are we gonna look like this year?" I was like, WTF? What ever happened to being a team player and working even harder in the offseason to help out your Quarterback and team? Its just funny to me how players complain all the time but yet never do what it takes to try and win. For all the people who want Chad Johnson on this Jets team, I say no thanks, we dont need a player like that on this Jets team, yeah we already have Coles but at the same times Coles doesnt talk bad about this Jets team and Coles actually puts his body on the line each and every game and plays with his heart on Sundays. Chad Johnson? You mean the player that almost had a fist fight with his head coach @ halftime in a playoff game because he wasnt getting the ball enough? (The Bengals were also winning a close game) No thanks. He's unhappy when the team is winning a playoff game, I hate to see him if we were losing in the regualr season with a young QB in Kellen or a QB in Chad that cant get the ball to Johnson deep.
  5. Wow, I been watching this game since 6:00 A.M, it's 7:53 right now, 6th inning and the A's are up 2-0... All I can say is this, it feels weird watching baseball this early but it's fun, instead of a hot dog and some sunflower seeds, I had me some eggs and toast, lol I have a crazy feeling that the Rays will have a better season than this Red Sox team, the Rays have an exciting lineup with Crawford and Pena with a great pitching staff led by the 3 starters in Kazmir, Garza and Shields
  6. Only one who sends me negative feedback for no reason is Lurker
  7. Im an FSU fan but I have been a huge fan of McFadden since the middle of his freshman year, I cant remember the last saturday that I missed a Razorbacks game As far as your Pacman Jones and Vick goes... Im sorry but McFadden is no Pacman thug, he's actually a really humble person, just watch when he scored a TD, he acts like he's been there before (Like Barry Sanders) And simply hands the football to the ref, and Vick? Wow, is McFadden in prison for fighing dogs? Look at Moss, he got a 2nd chance and the Vikings drafted him, everyone is different. Yeah, I guess runningbacks dont matter. This aint basketball where it's 5 on 5, lmao, football is a team sport, Offense has 11 players, Defense has 11 players and special teams has 11 players, it takes 33 players to win a SB. Barry Sanders was a great runningback, is it his fault that the Lions never had a QB or O-Line? Put Barry Sanders on the Packers in the 90's and watch how many SB's they would have won. Can you name me one team who won a SB with an O-Line like the Lions had in the 90's or the Chiefs of last year? What about the Jets O-Line of 2005? McFadden been playing football since he's been a kid, how many times has he had a broken leg? Exactly. He did pretty good in the SEC, which is the fastest in all of College football... Georgia, Florida, LSU, Auburn... As far as your comments go about McFadden getting into bar fights... Have you ever got into a fight? Its called sticking up for yourself. Is McFadden a bully? No. Does McFadden sell drugs? No, does McFadden rape woman? No, Does McFadden gang bang in the "Dirty South"? No, Wow... He got into 2 fights while he was a kid in college and actually had sex and has kids on the way... BIG DEAL... Its called life, and everyone makes mistakes And as far as you saying the name of Reggie Bush, lmao... If you cant see that Reggie Bush is a WR playing the position of a RB, then your blind. All through college when Reggie played for USC he would run from one side of the field, to the other side east and west and then run south before heading north. Reggie Bush would dance behind the LOS like he was Barry Sanders and he would also get tackles for alot of losses- Have you ever seen McFadden actually play a game? The man actually usues his vision to attack the LOS, show me when you have seen McFadden dance behind the LOS, he doesnt. Your just a hater
  8. Yeah, watching Brooks I think im Vick Bollinger scramble for his life was the most exciting part of the season that year, I remember being pretty down when we played a monday night game, im not sure but I think it was the Falcons or Patriots, I was thinking to myself... What could have been because we could have made some noise that year but when we played that Monday night game, our season was already shot
  9. Was that when Vinny went down in 99? Or the disaster year of 05 when we played like 5 QB's? (Chad, Fiedler, Vinny, Bollinger, Kingsbury), I also remember Kevin Mawae going down, I think we had 4 O-Lineman playing a different position that the year before That was a freak season but it also helped us land players like Ferguson, Mangold, Leon and maybe a top QB in Kellen, only time will tell with Clemens
  10. After his serious injury, I'm not sure Just Miller can EVER be the explosive player that he once was, it's sad but it may be true, Im crossing my fingers because I have always been high on Miller as a starting CORNERBACK since the day we drafted him out of Clemson. I know he's only what-22 or 23? Still one of the youngest players on the Jets but at the same time he was having problems at CB BEFORE the Injury so I'm really not expecting much from Miller as a defensive player But I like to look at the bright side, we drafted Miller in the 2nd round, and it was with the 2nd pick in the 2nd round, not even the 1st pick in the 2nd... That just shows what kind of talent is on the board in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of NFL drafts, I have a feeling that the Jets FO will go CB with the 5th pick in the second round and grab a CB with great potential to play with Rhodes and Revis in the secondary for years to come, if Miller can get back to 100%, he could make one of the best nickel CB's around
  11. Not a chance in hell. Only top CB's that can fall into round two would have to be Cason and Flowers
  12. 2002 was also pretty bad, other than Baker, the rest seem to be backup type of players
  13. I loved last year with David Harris and Darrell Revis, Harris can be a Ray Lewis type of IMLB and Revis has the talent and potential to be a A.Samuel, Ty Law type of CB for years to come. I also love the 2006 draft with a potential franchise LT in Ferguson, a future pro bowl center in Mangold with a play-maker in Leon Washington who we stole in the 4th round. Lets not forget Kellen, who knows, he may be the best QB out of Cutler, Young or Leinart, only time will tell-Even if Kellen never makes it as a starter, im still in love with the 2006 draft. When I look at the year we drafted Robertson, I just wanna turn off the computer
  14. I feel that you can NEVER have enough LB's in the 3-4, I would love to keep Thomas as our 5th LB
  15. I cant see how any defensive rookie, Gholston OR Long can come in and have a bigger impact for a defense than what Davis Harris did for the Jets team last year. How many games did Harris start? Only like 9 games right? And he had over 100 tackles and 5 sacks! If Harris would have started all 16 games, he would have led the league in tackles (AS A ROOKIE) and had about 8 sacks, thats amazing, I cant see how Gholston could make a larger impact And Revis played lights out last year, lets hope our CB in round 2 can come close to what Revis did
  16. Reading that board hurts my eyes #1 and also, it makes me think how lucky we are in having Faneca at LG with one of the best young Centers in Mangold for this O-Line, I also love how D'Brickishaw Ferguson has started his first two years at LT for this Jets team, this kid has the talent and potential to be a franchise LT for years to come. Now I wont lie, Im not sold on Moore and Woody is a huge ? Mark but at the same time, it doesnt look like this Jets team will have offensive line problems for a while unless we get hit with the injury bug (Which can happen to ANY team, any season) Im glad that Mangini came in and gave us hope in the trenches
  17. Well I guess your right, I guess we would have to give up 2 much for a pick in the 3rd
  18. I hope we find a way to get a pick in the 3rd round, I would love 3 first day picks with McFadden or Gholston in round 1, a CB in round 2 and a wr in round 3,
  19. The Giants defense played great against the Patriots, but if not for that last Giants drive with a lucky play from Manning to Tyree, that defense of the Giants would never have won a championship Its funny how you hated on McFadden with your 1st post, haters are gonna hate because that what haters do, they hate, and I hope all the haters are McFaddens motivators
  20. Looks like Flowers got himself some Drug money, anyone can say what they want about McFadden on how he has kids on the way or the fact that he has had 2 fights as a college student, but McFadden is actually a humble kid and far from a criminal
  21. Huh? I would love Fabian Washington, but for who and what? Also, D.Hall been a Raider for a good week already
  22. Yeah, I remember this, lol, funny as hell My favorite memory was in 1996, I was in the 6th grade, when the Yankees beat the Braves in the World Series, great world series I also loved when Paul Oneil use to get mad in the dugout but nothing was better than when Paul kicked the damn baseball in the outfield!
  23. I think Flowers is a project in the NFL, but I like what I have seen from his highlights, but I would much rather draft Cason in round 2 if he's still on the board. Im just praying that Kenny Phillips drops into the 2nd round for the Jets
  24. I never knew that McFadden was spanish
  25. Iv been a huge FSU fan since before Dunn and I seen just about every game that Leon Washington played, I was excited when we drafted him in the 4th round, he was the ACC player of the year before he got injured, the kid can play Then again, I have also watched EVERY GAME of McFadden with the Razorbacks since the middle of his freshman year, I have seen this kid rush for 300 yards, Iv seen his power, im sorry that the youtube highlights only show him blazing by opponents but its only highlights. McFadden is by far the better runningback, as a FSU fan, I can honestly say that Leon is more of a Warrick Dunn type of back where McFadden is more of an Adrian Peterson type of back. Not only does McFadden have better speed, quickness and vision than Leon-But McFadden also has more talent and potential than Leon could ever have. This is stupid to even argue over something like this, but I wont lie, Washington is a better kick and punt returner than McFadden
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