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  1. He believes in youth? Then go ask Cotchery why he was in Herms dog house, what about Lamont Jordan?
  2. Your insane. I grew up as a huge FSU fan, I loved Dunn and I loved Washington because he remined me of him- but at the same time, I have watched just about every game of McFadden since the middle of his freshman year, and McFadden blows Leon out of the water in terms of talent and potential as an every down back. Leon Washington was the ACC Player of the year before his injury but at the same time, he never finished #2 for the heisman trophy and he never put up 200+ yards vrs a top 5 team, I'm sorry, I respect your thinking, but saying that McFadden wont be better than Leon is stupid. There is a reason why Leon was drafted in the 4th round, we got a steal but keep in mind, there is a reason why McFadden is going to be the #1 RB drafted, and it's more than just "Hype" The kid is explosive
  3. Oh yeah! Im ranked #1 heading into the sweet 16 with 11 teams left! The Georgetown loss hurt though
  4. lol, he's awsome, He blows that racist guy "The Kid From Brooklyn" Out of the water
  5. Prolly because you have "More" VCash than him, lol! You were a trip in that VBookie thread last night, im glad I took the Warriors, I cant wait till I get paid on that game
  6. Sorry, I guess your threads are alot better than the one he found over the internet My bad bro, you win
  7. It's the Offseason, the JEts already made a splash in FA with Faneca, Jenkins, Woody, Pace, Richardson and Chatman, I actually look foward to the draft all offseason and the draft threads that are created on this site, only pump me up as a fan that much more
  8. McFadden HAS TO BE GOD, I mean... He's so fast, he can hit the light switch, jump in the bed and bang his chick before the lights go out
  9. As a slot WR with Tom Brady and a great O-Line Coles starts as the Jets #1 WR with a below average QB. Put Welker as the Jets #1 WR with Chad or Kellen and then Put Coles with Brady as the slot WR, and see who does better. No way is Welker a better WR than a healthy Coles, no way
  10. You been taking shots at IJ this whole thread, all he tried to do was make a good thread with a good read with his own opinion, and all you have done is add NOTHING to this thread, keep up the good work aec, your a great poster, your the bestest
  11. How can McFadden be Jesus when Jesus is the son of McFadden?
  12. When did IJ go out of his way and call you out of your name? He simply posted a good thread and gave his opinion, give it a rest already
  13. Thats the thing I dont understand, why even click on a thread that has "McFadden" Or "Gholston's" name in it, if your sick and tired of it? I mean, seriously
  14. Chris Long will make a dominating 4-3 DE, thats for sure, but he wont make a better 3-4 OLB in terms of being better than Gholston. Gholston is more of a Merriman-Ware type of 3-4 OLB than Chris Long could ever be.
  15. Good read And I agree with you, he's a moron. Secondary needs: tight end, running back. I love McFadden, but how is a #2 CB and a slot WR not our secondary needs? We have Thomas Jones and Leon Washington as our 1-2 Punch in the backfield We have Baker and Franks as our 1-2 Punch at TE And then we have either Justin Miller or David Barrett as our #2 CB? with Brad Smith as our slot WR? How are they not on the hot seat? Hes a freaking dummy
  16. Toon is gonna love those comments on McFadden,
  17. I would love for Kenny Phillips to fall in the hands of the Jets in the 2nd round, but I just dont see it happening Lets just hope that one of these players will still be on the board with the 5th pick in the 2nd round 1. Leodis McKelvin, CB/PR, Troy, 5′11, 187 2. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB, Tennessee State, 6′2, 175 3. Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida, 6′0, 200 4. Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona, 6′1, 192 5. Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas, 6′2, 205... Well it looks like McKelvin, Rogers-Cromartie, Jenkins will ALL be drafted in the 1st round, I think Cason, Talib or even Brandon Flowers would be a perfect fit in the secondary with Revis and Rhodes, either way... We should get a solid CB in the 2nd round to start over Miller or Barrett.
  18. Quality over quantity when it comes to the draft, and Quality is what we drafted last year with Revis and Harris-Simply amazing. Now that I'm thinking about it, this 3-4 Defense has a chance at being contenders within the near future, if Gholston is on the board @ #6, even if McFadden is on the board, I think it's a MUST that we take Gholston to play with Revis, Rhodes, and Harris for years to come-Every 3-4 Defense dreams of that Merriman-Ware type of 3-4 OLB and Gholston has the ability to be that type of player for Mangini and this Jets team. Now I know we need a slot WR, but I feel we need a #2 CB alot more, I say in Round 2 we draft the best CB whos left on the board, but at the same time... If Kenny Phillips falls to the 2nd round, he's another must pick. Last year we landed Revis and Harris If we were to land Gholston and Phillips this offseason, I would be so excited for this Jets defense
  19. I would say Darrn McFadden's talent and potential
  20. Ellis didnt have a 3-4 NT, which is the HEART of a 3-4 Defense. Maybe your the one who doesnt "Understand" how the 3-4 works
  21. Now that you put it like that, that mock is laughable
  22. Jenkins will take up double teams and allow Ellis to make the plays needed for a 3-4 DE. Stats may not be everything but at the same time Ellis had 5 sacks and Coleman only had 1 I dont now about you, but I know im excited about Ellis next to Jenkins
  23. I am? Gainzo knows I like to mess with him,thats all
  24. Im prolly the biggest Kenny Phillips fan on this site, he's amazing, I agree with you
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