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  1. LE's in the 3-4 D really NEVER put up huge numbers. Ellis played solid last year playing next to ROBERTSON! Like 50 tackles and 5 sacks Ty Warren for the Patriots only had 53 tackles with 4 sacks, playing next to Wilfrok So No, its not a joke.
  2. Well if we draft Gholston at #6, Groves would be out of the picture But I have to agree to disagree on Ellis. Ellis may not be a good fit for the 4-3 as of right now in his career, but he's like the perfect de in the 3-4 in terms of stuffing the run. He played pretty good last season with Robertson at NT, I cant wait till he plays alongside Jenkins
  3. Kenny Phillips is by far the best safety in the draft, it doesnt matter how he did on that test, he can play on the field, thats all that matters
  4. Well it is easter, some people are spending time with thier family with no computer around, not everyone comes on the computer on a holliday you know?
  5. The two players im really wishing that fall to the second round would be Kenny Phillips and Groves. Either way, one of those two players would be a great pickup for the Jets in round 2
  6. Bro, who cares about 9 in the box? The fact of the matter is that opposing stack 8 in the box at any given time and the bottom line is that Chad at QB hurts the running game
  7. Any chance that OLB/DE Quentin Groves, Auburn can fall into the 2nd round?
  8. Im not excited about Justin Miller OR David Barrett as our #2 CB in the secondary, I would much rather take the best CB on the board in the 2nd round before Dre Moore And if we were to draft CB in the 2nd, I would be all for the Eddie Royal pick in the 4th round for our Slot WR position, he's gonna be special and with our 2nd 4th rounder, I would mucher rather go for the best IMLB and focus on the O-Line and D-Line in the later rounds Good mock though
  9. This is annoying, we already have a thread on this crap NFL Stonewalling with Walsh and Specter claims super bowl filming
  10. Memphis is only up 2 points against Mississippi state, 59-61 I cant afford to lose this game, 5:00 left, I have Memphis in my championship game in the Pick Em Tourney
  11. I agree, 8 Men-9 Men in the box, it really dont matter, the fact of the matter is that Chad Pennington at QB makes it harder for the O-Line to open up holes for the running game. Clemens may not have the experience that Pennington has but he does have a stronger arm and is able to escape the rush, teams may not fear Kellen but they respect his arm and keep the safetys back on Coles and Cotchery.
  12. Well we wouldnt beable to trade down with Dallas because McFadden would be off the board, I would say draft Mckelvin if he's the best corner and have a secondary with... Mckelvin-Elam-Rhodes-Revis, Then I guess we should go for the best WR on the board in RD#2, and knowing Mangini and the Jets, we will find away to trade back into the 3rd round for another first day pick where we could go after the best MLB or OLB for a pass rusher in the 3rd round
  13. Its Easter and it's not bothering anybody
  14. Yeah, I remember watching that game vs the Dolhpins, my uncle left the room@Halftime, I stayed up watching the game, man was that a great game. I remember Jason Taylor running that mouth, lol, he was just about crying when it was all said and done
  15. Thats sad And if Chad is the starter once again, look for another 17-25 type of Offense
  16. I picked NC to win the whole thing in the Pick Em Tourney, but im pretty upset about Gerogetown losing this game, damn But hey... I just checked, and Im ranked #1 in the JetNation Pick em tourney
  17. I cant believe Georgetown is about to go down!
  18. I know its important to get off to that 1-0 start but at the same time, I wont mind playing a road game come week 1 for the simple fact a week 2 home game could be perfect if we can win week 1 on the road
  19. I would rather have a good 3-4 games in with our new players before we play the Patriots
  20. I cant believe I agree with a Patriots fan, it must be because it's easter, nah im jk, your a good poster Its just amazing to me how a fan of another team thinks Chad is no threat to beat his defense. Im done with Chad and it's sad... If not for the Injurys, I believe he could have been a top 5 QB in todays NFL
  21. Anyway I can take a test like that online? Im just currious on how I would do, lol, cause that answer has to be similar in sound,lol you know if they have a test like this one online?
  22. Just the fact that he has the arm to throw down field, will keep the defenses honest, Just check out the 2nd half of the Ravens game. Teams may not fear Kellen in terms of getting dominated or scared to blitz, but they wont beable to stack the box inorder to stuff the run for the simple fact Kellen still has a strong arm Not only does Chad Pennington lack the arm in the passing game but because of that-he also hurts the run game. Also, if teams do stack the box, Kellen has the Arm that can beat them deep with one throw
  23. This is a good mock draft so far, good job, its just taking 4ever!
  24. IJ is like me when it comes to betting the VCash, its like he cant make a single bet without pulling a poker "ALL IN" I just LOVE IT!
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