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  1. Sh*t. I messed up. Not trying to give bad rep. I thought those icons were more related to whether or not I agreed with the comments. 100% my bad. Completely unintentional.
  2. I politely disagree (even though politeness isn't in our Jets genes). If Rivers played here after being drafted I think we all would have stopped complaining about not having a ring in our lifetimes. I guess this just shows my frustrations with the franchise that I love with respect to QB's. The fact that NE stumbles on f-ing Brady, doesn't help my QB heartburn
  4. I definitely see both sides of the argument, hence the post, but I just truly wonder what it would be like to have a f-ing franchise qb for once in my 32 year old lifetime, especially with this wr corps and newly acquired rb weapons. Just a pipe dream I guess
  5. I'm more confused by your comment than Sanchez during the butt fumble
  6. Merely conjecture. Not saying he's available, even though they might value Mo and a high round draft pick since they may be moving to a new city, and in my opinion a new city means a new QB is needed. I was more looking at this JETS team and thinking that we're so f-ing close to being a true contender with a true franchise qb...
  7. Hmm..both very valid and good points. I'm not saying that I agree, I'm merely thinking that the only reason they haven't offered (and what do we really know what he's been offered in terms of a contract extension, but nothing has been reported, from what I know) a fair offer is because they value Sheldon more and the new Bowles regime values Leonard more than Mo...
  8. Trade Mo and a 2nd Round Draft Pick for Phillip Rivers. I feel like if we had a franchise QB with this team, we could make a very deep run, possibly towards a SB. Have I been drinking too much?? lol
  9. IMHO, Jets brass values Sheldon more than Mo. Thoughts??
  10. Houston does not suck. You'll take that back in 2 years, maybe even 1. Jenkins is coming back. Phil Taylor is climbing up, and should be there at #30 overall. Getting back to Houston, he does NOT STOP getting after the quarterback. He uses really good leverage, and that combined with his speed and quickness in getting low to the ground and then around tackles makes him a real asset. Overall a good assessment of who will be there at #30 in: Houston, Taylor, Heyward, Wilkerson (please no), I would also LOVE GREG ROMEUS and have him on the edge of the 1st and 2nd rounds, but that could be wrong and he could be held higher overall. He's a freakish looking 3-4 DE OH AND LOVE BALLARD!
  11. Jets1Fan


    Here's the Bottom Line: If we cut LT before '11, we would save about $2.45 Million. Meaning, I hope his agent and he are smart enough to restructure if given the chance by Tannenbaum. Otherwise, I think he's gone.
  12. He's absolutely done. While he did re-negotiate his contract for '10, '11 & '12, he's set to make a $2.5 Million Roster Bonus in 2011....A/K/A money that should go to a real edge pass rusher
  13. IMHO we restructure Kris Jenkins' contract, and use him to aide in bringing in his brother Cullen Jenkins DE on GB who will be a FA. Think we really just need to focus on depth through the draft and filling in our secondary with more ball-hawk type players. Really unsure if we re-sign Cro or go after Nnamdi....we'll just have to wait and see...this ******* sucks
  14. Brodney Pool is going to completely demolish Gronkowski come Sunday! (Unfortunately I have a feeling Gronkowski will be a name us Jets fans hear for a long time)
  15. Change the poll to Schottenheimer and I think you have yourself the mixed outcome you're seeking... Good Lord I cannot wait until I hear the SIREN!!!!
  16. I think Faneca and Ellis are trade bait, and don't count out a possible trade of Leon
  17. I'm sorry but I love that woman too much to hate on her, but I WILL HATE ON HER FRUITY CREEPER HUSBAND!!! But to be honest, Miami needs a NT in the worst way, and Williams can fit in right away. I like her pick. Maybe cause it's also my pick if they dont trade with the eagles
  18. later tonight... My suspicions may just become a reality. 1. Haynesworth will be traded to Tennessee for 2nd Rd.er 2. Washington has fewest picks in this year's draft 3. Deep Offensive Tackle draft class for Wash 4. Wash trades down with the New York Jets 5. New York Jets select safety ERIC BERRY This is what I've been posting/ranting/praying/wishing would happen, and I'm just gonna stick to my guns and hope that Rex and Tanny will do the same. Here's to you Jets Fans!! IT'S FINALLY HERE!!
  19. I'm just saying we were 3 - 1 with VG as the starter at outside linebacker. I'm not saying his contributions were immense, but we really didn't get exposed at that position if you watch those games, he was basically in position to cover the backside most of the time, also showing a little hesitation to get mean when the ball came his way. I'm just saying we weren't terribly exposed, that's all.
  20. If anyone's salary it would be cut, it would be the abyss that is Vernon Gholston's salary. I wanted to love him, but if he is getting in the way of us offering top draft dollar to a future staple of the secondary for years to come, DO IT already and cut him and limit your losses. Otherwise, if they do have non-publicized monetary problems or see them approaching somehow, then stay and draft BAP (I would love Tate at #29 and DE or OLB later round) or trade to mid first round and get E.Thomas or someone else they like... Ughh at this point, I'm so tired of putting my theory out there about Berry that I almost have convinced myself to stay at #29 lol I LOVE THE DRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. I never sait it would be interesting but you can officially go **** yourself now, for the mere fact that you are nothing but a hater, hating for hating-sake.
  22. Not a bad investment monetarily, but maybe moreso emotionally and I think his unhappiness contributes to his on field play. Big motivational guy, but apparently only for dolla dolla bills y'all!
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