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  1. Sorry for the late response but it means letting slip some gossip.
  2. Chris is soft Same guy who went on a presser and said he didn’t fire Maccagnan sooner because he didn’t want to hurt his feelings
  3. Cowherd just dropped some tea on his show- said Jets brass have reached out to agents about coaching candidates. I know some of you hate him. I’m just the messenger.
  4. Saleh from San Fran and get a offensive coordinator
  5. Why would a bunch of billionaires give a sh*t about the suffering of randoms as long as they make more money? The Johnsons have never given a sh*t about winning as long as the Jets continue to be tops in the league in attendance
  6. It doesn’t matter who coaches the Jets are devoid of NFL level talent
  7. This team was built ass backwards to begin with. Look no further than the Buffalo bills
  8. He has the tools he doesn’t have the coaching

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