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  1. I too own a pendulum— and a bunch of crystals. I’ll consult my pendulum to see if it’ll dowse the correct answers for me
  2. You mean the guy who has outplayed the presumptive number one all year? Just say what it is and be done...
  3. He’s going to play for the coach that should’ve been our coach 2 years ago
  4. Darnold is going to be cooking with gas with Matt Rhule
  5. You don’t make a trade like that for a tackle or guard - they’re taking fields Jets are taking Wilson and Darnold is gone
  6. Juju has had a washed up QB throwing to him for the last couple of years
  7. Because we’ve won so many super bowls with splash signings
  8. When has massive contracts really worked out for us? A decade ago I’m cool with not signing the splash free agents
  9. This is bullsh*t— there are rumors that the Jets have reached out to Seahawks about Wilson. Quietly you heard it here first Not this Wilson—- theeee Russel Wilson
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