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  1. Metcalf for Mims straight up. Seattle’s front office is incompetent WHATS one more trade lol
  2. He was missed on NFLN Hopefully he gets to return. Draft coverage isn’t the same without him
  3. He’s such a dork lol
  4. If I had a hookup I’d use it too. They can go get a well deserved vacation
  5. I’m not enjoying this. Both these teams can eat poop
  6. The infamous Wes Welker, Seriously viral post on here from over a decade ago
  7. **** the Bills but this is an asswhipping of epic proportions
  8. He’s going to be swimming in pussy[emoji772]
  9. Damn was hoping they kept him another year so they could be the laughing stock
  10. According to reports Flores and ownership had beef over Watson. It’s a personal firing
  11. Why does Joe Judge still have a job?
  12. Wtf is the chargers coach doing, why stop the clock
  13. Both teams should just take knees
  14. Bills are 1 and done in the playoffs anyway. Douchenozzles
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