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  1. *cackles* I need to grow up
  2. I’m sorry but lmaooooo Blazin Black Berrios is a dope name
  3. I like that we aren’t seen as angry and unhinged
  4. So he’s just going to take the shine from the kids trying to get their shot at the NFL?
  5. Thank you all [emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji173]️
  6. He’s gonna go hard as hell at AVN IN Vegas. We already know he has an affinity for the adult actresses
  7. I shouldn’t have laughed as hard at this asi did. Does that make me a racist?
  8. Here’s to hoping he drops a crucial pass for them
  9. Packers are playing hardball- at this point if I were JD I’d tell them to pound sand
  10. He was visibly hurt yesterday when he was getting clowned all over the internet. I thought he was gonna cry on ESPN. He’s also a very tiny man.
  11. Wasn’t Lazard the one who knocked the cheesehead off Sauce’s head last season?
  12. Wtf this article is old He already debunked this entire sh*t today
  13. DLJ

    HELP AT DT????

    We just resigned Solomon Thomas if that helps
  14. Your research skills must suck. I found this in less than 3 seconds
  15. As I said he’s Butt hurt because Aaron cooked him in front of 400k people
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