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  1. I laughed at that Ted Lasso quip
  2. Denzel behind him getting it too
  3. Beat me to it. He does have attractive legs
  4. Damn everyone is jumping ship and going for big coin. Good for her
  5. So much negativity[emoji854][emoji854][emoji854]
  6. I’ve been giggling hysterically at this comment for 5 mins “Holy sh*t the post on the Giants sub is literally 100% of Giants fans saying that Jets fans are awful and our team is trash and 0% of Jets fans saying literally anything. Why are they obsessed with us? Do they wanna **** us?”
  7. Molly is super annoying. Like shut up and let him speak. You’re a host/ moderator not the talent
  8. DLJ


    Meanwhile I’m in NYC reading these posts in horror. You guys really are packing heat and not have to fear the law? Guns are pretty much illegal for normal folk here
  9. Smoke Monday only because his name is awesome
  10. TY Hilton appears to be on the list unless my eyes deceive
  11. I love this guys accent German is a sexy language lol
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