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  1. DLJ

    Max how do you embed videos on here now? The media button doesnt seem to do the trick anymore.

  2. No. Queens. Sorry! No kush for you!

  3. I got some OG kush, want some?

  4. Please, bless us with more of your hilarious anal rantings. Thank you!

  5. you have to share where you found that picture cache of crazy sh*t

  6. So i feel weird for asking but whats with your strange obsession with Pandas?

  7. your anti Woody posts crack meup lol

  8. DLJ

    You spelled Darrelle wrong in the byline for the NFL forum ;)

  9. Make it cute like urs, with some fancy text. Use your imagination! Thanks

  10. So um any word on that sig?

  11. So apparently Im going to be banned if I talk badly about our mutual friend Mr. banner anymore. i guess its ok for him to spew his vitriol as long as I dont say anything about it. :D

  12. yeah right. keep your racist ass off my pafge and out of my comments from now on. Thank you and good night :D "Prosecutors say Mehserle, 28, deliberately shot his gun into 22 year old Oscar Grant’s back as he attempted to handcuff him. Mehserle claims he believed he was pulling out his taser instead of his firearm. Mehserle resigned from BART a week after the shooting. A friend of Grant’s testified he heard Mehserle say that he was going to use his taser on Grant and three other gentlemen. Others testified that Mehserle showed immediate grief after shooting Grant. Prosecutor David Stein said, "He let his aggression dictate his conduct." A defense attorney told the jury, "He's sick to his stomach, because he has shot a man who did not deserve to be shot." Mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter yesterday afternoon. He faces two to four years.

  13. Mandisa has been replaced, by another slightly more attractive token.

  14. DLJ

    Max are u going to practice today? i wanna meet up with some of you Jners :( Let me kno so I can msg u my #

  15. Where were you during the season? I like your posts, it wouldve been fun! Make sure you stick around & join us in the game day threads. :) Welcome

  16. DLJ

    I spit juice all over my keyboard when I read " I hope someone murders you" LFMAO

  17. You've made the term "Thug Turd" a permanent part of my lexicon. Damn you!

  18. Condolences. It sucks being sad when our team is a win away from the Superbowl.

  19. lol@ "El Intercepcion"

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