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  1. your kids are too cute!

  2. I responded in the thread. Leave Gholston in and Add Pace & Edwards :D *KISSES** :D :D

  3. I dont think you're a prick, you're one of my fav posters here. Weird white boy :D

  4. come let's smoke some weed:D Ebony & ivory style.

  5. LOl the website was a little difficult to maneuver through. First thing I looked for was tuition but I couldn't find it. Still I would've loved to attend a school like that. How'd he react to the atheist admission?

  6. DLJ

    Welcome back :D *humps*

  7. Oye, you should hang out more often!

  8. BORGO, are you going to end your hiatus anytime soon, you are missed :(

  9. DLJ

    you're not slick lol

  10. DLJ

    Thank you for the link to that website. I really appreciate it!!!! :)

  11. Thanks dude!!!!!!!!

  12. Thanks Borgo. I havent decided if Im gonna stay. I dont want to feel like im typing on eggshells. Fell me?

  13. Hey so wassup with the new sig you promised? Did you forget about me :(

  14. DLJ

    Make me a sig!

  15. DLJ

    GIMMEEEEEEEE! *smooches*

  16. DLJ

    They hate me. Feel free to delete the thread for me. Thanks.

  17. DLJ

    I'm officially putting in my application/petition to be the official game thread maker. PLEASE! :D

  18. she hates me lol.

  19. Happy birthday!

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