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Status Updates posted by DLJ

  1. Hey Jaded, what's up! I was wondering, can you amend my Signature, to add Bart Scott & Sheppard? Pretty please, there is vcash in it for you. Here is the link to the current one if you dont have it. http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b269/_Bronze/Bronzey.gif

  2. DLJ

    oh it was made for me by Jaded Green. He's the photoshop expert.

  3. Who aborted your username?

  4. YAY!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait!

  5. HI there buddy!

  6. Hey can youmake me a cool signature like the one you have in your siggy. Pretty please? It's cool!

  7. DLJ

    Thanks for the vcash!!!! *dances*

  8. DLJ

    :) *waves* Hello.

  9. DLJ

    LOL, a little bit. *muahs*

  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. DLJ

    LOo, Im not a Jehovah's witness!

  12. DLJ

    LOl, Happy Holidays. Do adults get 8 gifts as well or is it only the kiddies?

  13. DLJ

    IM not really having a bad day, just a little miserable. But Im fine now actually.

  14. DLJ

    Merry Xmas Ecurb~~

  15. DLJ

    YOur doggy inhis Christmas get-up is sooo cute!

  16. Thanks, Im fine really, Im just a Scrooge of sorts. Im not really big on Family holidays. It's usually a miserable time for me.

  17. DLJ

    I love 124!!!!!!!! :D

  18. DLJ

    lol I can't divorce myself from this franchise no matter how hard I try, I was so ticked off I completely told off everyone who called me.

  19. DLJ

    I got my ass kicked yesterday as well. *sigh* Damn

  20. Welcome. Nice to see another female 'round these parts.

  21. DLJ

    AWW ThANK YOU!!!! *right click+save*

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