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  1. DLJ

    that "gossip girl' post was too funny, I POTW nommed u for that one!

  2. DLJ

    Hey Max, how do u post utube vids?

  3. Hey can you make a bigger version of the GIF with the flags. PRETTY PLEASE!!!!! Reply on my board :)

  4. DLJ

    hi max how are you today? Pumped for Sunday? ( ok ok I know it's Chiefs week, and not much to be excited about)

  5. DLJ

    Max I made a New Brett Favre- Because even God needs a hero pic with him in a JETS jersey. Feel free to put it on your front page. It's in that thread!

  6. DLJ

    Thanks MAx, that guy is the epitome of annoying.

  7. Welcome to JN!

  8. DLJ

    Hi, can you please merge my Farnwroth thread with the one that was made prior. Thanks :D

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