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  1. It would be awesome if that arrogant 4th down play leaves the door open for a comeback.
  2. Johnson is garbage If they’re not going to rule white out then why the **** is Johnson still playing?
  3. They probably couldn’t find a trade partner for him. Cut him and eat the money
  4. Mike effing White is going to ball
  5. We win Thursday we’re cooking with gas
  6. Zack needs to take a seat on the bench and take it all in
  7. If Mike White ( what a boring name) continues to play like this there’s no need for Wilson to be out there. Maybe these weeks off will be good for his development
  8. Enough with these threads already. They’re all asinine
  9. LaFleur is calling the type of plays for Mike White he should’ve been calling for Wilson.
  10. He should be perma banned for that racist ass comment forget just the day.
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