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  1. They dumbed the offense down for smoke White but not their prized rookie. Ass backwards
  2. A lot of people said the same about josh Allen in his rookie year Give the kid a shot. He has nothing around him
  3. Trade for a guy we already had for free
  4. Yikes— it’s like watching a prophecy unfold
  5. These refs are bought and paid for
  6. The jets win when I have zero expectations. I have zero expectations tomorrow. Which is pathetic. Another year of losing
  7. Can we do the money uniforms. Green on green. That’s my fav combo[emoji736]
  8. Peppers? As in the Giants punching bag? He sucks ass
  9. Looks like Kerry Wants a job and is using Twitter to apply pressure
  10. Garb— now there’s a name!! Wonder where she is these days
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