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  1. Do you think we can trade Chad to some lame team who needs some backup depth @ Qb and get anything in return?
  2. I like this pick, some of his concerns are that he isnt particularly fast so he may bo tbe able to effectivly break away from NFL defenders or get separation. I like the pick though, Mangini is onhis job today!!!!
  3. AUINGE!!! So much for their faith in kellen Clemens!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Green Bay Traded up earlier. I guess a 5th was compensatioN!
  5. Well we already knew the old man was crazy. I think they shouldve gone with Dorsey, but they wanted the 'sexy' pick, as much as we did, it just happens that we were two picks below them. The Raiders suck, and we'll whoop their asses on Oct. 19th!
  6. So do you guys think we're gonna go after Goff if he's available with our next pick?
  7. Dude, stop acting like a little girl, crying about BOO's! We also boo'd the New England Patriots as well, it comes with the territory. Name a year when we HAVENT BOO'd Dolphins and Patriots? One would think a team that was onthe verge of running the table in reverse would be used to being boo'd, your own fans boo'd you last year Loss after loss after loss after crushing loss.
  8. The Dolphin fans have no room to bash anyone, they were 1 f.uckup away from going 0-16 [ damn those idiots from Baltimore for pissing all over my dream]. A fan of a pathetic 1-15 team needs to hybernate until september and refrain from trolling on opposing message boards.
  9. I never understood why trolls from other teams sign up on an opposing team's message boards just to bash the fans. Can someone explain that to me?
  10. AINGE!!!!!!!!! I dont really like Andre Woodson thatmuch, wasnt impressed with him @ Kentucky, and I think he's gonna suck as a pro.
  11. Brad Smith? You've got to be joking. We need a Wide reciever, and Brad Smith is NOT the answer.
  12. McFadden to the JETS >McFadden to Raiders. I dont see him succeeding there as much as he wouldve as a J-E-T! And this isnt because I wanted him here, but that Oakland Raiders squad stinks to high heaven. Still wouldve loved him Green and White though. October 19th, we have a date!!!
  13. So is this guy 5'11 or 6'1? Two different bios say different heights. Hopefully he works out.
  14. Im not mad anymore. i was mad @ Oakland for taking MCFadden, but Im warmingup to this Vernon Gholston guy. I sure hope this TE is worth two picks!
  15. This website keeps crashing, some of you need to log off for a while and get laid!!! Give the servers some time to breathe!
  16. The Jets are completely infatuated with drafting Tight ends. I wouldve rathered a wide reciever but whatever!
  17. LMFAOOOOOOOOOO another tight end are u kidding me
  18. I wonder what Mangenius has got cooking in that head of his!!!
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