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  1. hell yea *****

    i was on that barcardi last night

    my boy like ayo jets got favre while i was givin shawty pipe

    im like dont **** wit me

    he like im seriously

    i throw shawty off of me and go look at tv

    and it say on tha tv

    took tha bottle of barcdia drunk tha whole thing

    hahaha we got homeboy

    pop bottles

    You prematurely stopped sex while you watched TV? Over a Brett report?:)

  2. Not sure why any of you are torturing yourselves by listening to those tools on ESPN. Who knows what is going on! Half the manure they spew is exactly that - manure. It's 'gonna be a bidding war and an appeal to Favre's ego. Either one of these teams - Tampa pr the Jets - could get Favre. Stop killing yourselves by reading John Calyton's crap or Mort's crap or Smith's crap....sleep well, have some nice dreams and who knows, Brett could be a Jet tomorrow.

    I agree

  3. THere is no chance he plays for the Jets. None.

    Im tired of this back and forth sh*t with him. I was certain he was going to Tampa but now they're talking about the JETS being a distinct possibilty, its just *****ing annoying.

    Either come to NY and get your ass in training camp, or kick rocks to Tampa Bay, either way the speculation and constant juicing of thios story by ESPN is completely irritating and old. We've spoken about this in ad nauseum now.

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