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  1. I had a quick question about TC. Does the LIRR make a stop near the training camp location or is it driving distance away? Thanks in advance for any help.

    My best friend goes to Hofstra and I can tell you this, the train is a little way from campus. Driving is so much easier, and if you know someone who goes to Hofstra like I do, then you can park in student parking lot by the dorms, the training facility isnt that far away :D

  2. Brian Cashman sure is earning his keep! I like this trade a lot, Moeller is way sub par, atleast we'll get more offense. Me likey! Im not ecstatic, but I like it a lot. I still think we need another starting pitcher though, i wouldve prefered that.

  3. Im sorry but why placate our sh*tty Qb situation with sentiments such as " Qb play should be better with this line or that line". The bottom line is our QB's suck suck effing suck! Chad Pennington sucks, Kellen Clemens is garbage. There is no point of having a good o-line if there are sh*tty Qb's behind them.

    I swear I'll rip my hair out if I have to watch another season of Chad effing up

  4. I srsly cannot watch another season with Chad as the QB. And Im so effing sick of watching Mangini with that sheepish expression claim that he's "OK with the QB's he has in camp". It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that Kellen Clemens is GARBAGE and Chad, with his rubber band arm, is even worse. It's effing irritating. We have a great O-line (on paper), and a defense that has all the parts to be an elite of the NFL (on paper), yet with all of that, we have no effing QB to compliment it. Im just so sick of wallowing in mediocrity year after year after effing year. I really would love to see an gressive move on the JETS part, be it Brett Favre ( i dont give a sh*t if he's a "hired gun") or someone else. Imjust completely and utterly annoyed with this team's sub par QB situation.

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