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  1. Well.. I got chlamydia (sp)... Anyway it caused blockage so now I have prostate problems...

    I haven't actually been diagnosed with infertility yet, but I have read on the internet that my condition causes it....

    Anyway the medicine I have to take.. Flomax.. is supposed to decrease sperm during ejacualtion.. I masturbate about 9 times per week just in case...

    Wait you were burned with Chlamydia and you're on here asking if you should just forgo using a condom since you're now sterile? One would think you learned your lesson already seeing that you already contracted an STD.

    Condoms should be your best friend by now.

  2. I still havn't found one Jet fan who was at that game that has said they cheered the Pennington injury. Just because Keith I Don't Know Anything About The NFL Olbermann says something doesn't mean its true. I know, I was freakin' there. Nobody was yelling and cheering "YEAH F YOU CHAD YOU SUCK HAHAHAHAHAH!!!". No, people were cheering on Kellen and I heard plenty of chants of "LETS GO KELLEN!" "C'MON KID SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT!" and I also heard people whispering "I hope Chad's okay".

    Garbage from Keith back in September. Pure garbage. Attend the game, sit in the stands and then tell me what the crowds reaction was.

    Actually a gross majority were, they even got chewed out by Jim Rome the next day for cheering while Peny was down

  3. I read this and though it was an April fools joke a month to late........

    If he's innocent someone has done a hell of a job framing him on this one

    "On Wednesday, according to the source, ballistic tests showed that the gun that had fired the shots was a custom-made Belgian weapon, and police determined that Harrison owned such a gun."

    This would be like me being a revolutionary war collector and shooting someone with a musket at my bar. Then hiding the **** in a bucket at my car wash, when it's obviously going to be the first place they look when they need to question me about a shooting.............. at my bar, for being a hell of a receiver he is an awful criminal.

    Shouldnt they do a gun shot residue test on his hand/arm? Shouldnt that be conclusive enough to charge him?

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