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  1. " ... and that connection between Favre and Cotchery pulls the Jets to within six scores of the Patriots with two minutes left to play."


    Your User Title/Quote under your screen name is grammatically incorrect. Atleast try to have a grasp on the proper way to use the English language before you attempt to belittle JETS fans.

  2. I think Brett Ratliff is our future.

    I agree Clemens looks like a lost puppy on the field. It's truly shameful because he's had ALMOST a full season of REAL TIME PRO PLAY and he still looks lost. BRETT RATLIFF looks good, I think he's our future.

    Clemens is another Chad P in the making...maybe worse.

  3. If Dan Giese had stayed in and gave up a couple of hits and a home run, you'd be in here bitching and moaning about Girardi leaving Giese in there and not going to the bullpen. Point is youre one of those guys that can never be pleased regardless of what happens.

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