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  1. BTW, why is no one jumping on Pettitte like they do A-Rod? Pettitte is 10 times the reason the Yankees lost the game than A-Rod was. The scary trio of Coco Crisp, Kevin Cash, and Jeff Bailey went 7-13 against him.

    Right, I forgot. RINGS, RINGS, RINGS.

    If A-Rod knew how to hit a ball with Runners in scoring position we wouldnt be having this discussion. The bases were loaded twice yesterday with A-Rod coming up to the plate, and twice he hit into a double play like a ****ing retard.

    Good hitters are gonna get hits regardless of who's pitching, it is the job of the offense to get the job done when the pitchers are getting beat up, A-Rod had that opporunity to put some runs on the board, but laid eggs twice. **** him.

  2. It's possible. There is a Super Bowl hangover, the losing team from the Super Bowl usually won't make the playoffs, and usually won't even win 5 games. Why would the Patriots buck this trend?

    Good point, but History doesnt always dictate bad play the next season. They may have laid an egg in Superbowl but I dont think they'll be garbage this year.

  3. YAY my first serious thread. :P

    Ok I've been perusing the internet all day reading articles on Predications for the '08/'09 NFL season and they havent been good for our boys in Green. I never listen to these so called " NFL EXPERTS" because they always end up eating crow at the end of the season.

    Let me ask you guys this, how many of you think we have a LEGITIMATE chance of actually WINNING the AFC EAST? Im not trying to be premature, but I really like what I see from the JETS, I think we have the capacity to be a "SLEEPER TEAM" this year.

    Your thoughts?

  4. And if it makes you feel any better, Giambi is even worse than Alex remarkably.

    Arod and Giambi are the biggest problems with this lineup. How they are still hitting 4th and 5th is embarrassing.

    I agree, Girardi shouldve made line-up moves WEEKS ago, why he still has A-Rod batting clean up is beyond me.

    Nady should bat 4th and Matsui 5th

  5. Is this the letter you guys are talking about?


    Dear Renee,

    For half a century, the Jets have enjoyed a heroic and deeply devoted fan base. Through thick and thin, you have stuck with us as we have migrated around the metropolitan area from one field to another, to another. Of course you are hungry for - and deserve - another championship. But you also deserve a home that you can call your own. Our goal with the New Jets Stadium is to create the best home field in football and provide a range of seating options so that Jets fans can enjoy the biggest upgrade in NFL history. In 2010 that goal will be realized, when all Jets fans can say, finally, we're the home team.

    While a PSL program is necessary to help finance this new building, we listened to our fans in designing the plan. We recognize that PSL ownership is not for everyone. That is why we decided to have no PSLs in the entire Upper Bowl

  6. I agree, Eli will need to play like he played in the playoffs all season long for them to stand a chance. I really like Philly this season, and although I think the Cowboys are slighlty overrated, they still be a tough outfit.

    Only slightly?

    The Cowboys are overrated every year.

    Ive never seen such a collection of c.ocky personalities that have yet to win a freaking playoff game in my life. They're all swagger, not much substance ( in the playoffs where it counts at least). They're living vicariously through their past glory.

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