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  1. Ugh. It's not like we're talking about Pacman Fadden here.

    And frankly, I think these guys have way over-emphasized the whole character thing, and I hoped they've learned something from it themselves. D'Brick might be the kind of guy you wouldn't mind your daughter dating, but he'd be a much better OT if he had a little Kyle Turley in him. Football's a violent game. It's possible that some it's best players might be violent men.

    One thing most of the analysts seem to agree on is that this is a poor year for WR's, so I fail to understand how it's a perfect draft to acquire one. No WR represents value at the #6 pick, and at #36 you're hoping someone drops to you. I'd love to see some trading done. Jumping back into the first round and grabbing the WR they really want and signing him for 5 years would be a great move. Or would you have them slide back to #9 and take Devin Thomas ahead of the Bills? Or would a CB be the better move there? Either way, it takes two to tango.

    If McFadden is THE value guy at #6 (and he very well could be), and they can't move, they gotta take him. They could also see him as an asset to the passing game, especially given the lack of WR talent in this year's draft. Put McFadden and Jones in the same backfield, slide DMC out in motion... All of a sudden you have some options. I think if they drafted him, they'd be working on ways to get him into open space. Let Jones carry the bulk of the rushing load, while DMC gets a huge chunk of his production catching passes.

    Reaching for needs is where draft busts are born.


  2. I googled "Jets offensive line" and this appeared


    Cute. Well how do you explain your O-Line getting bitched by the Giants in the Superbowl? You guys ARE the cream of the crop of the NFL arent you? You guys ARE the measuring stick for all other teams arent you? How utterly embarassing.








    Tom Brady got raped repeatedly, and I still havent heard any valid explanation as to why from the Patriot fans, I guess they're too busy making accounts on NY JETS based websites than caring about the fact that their team had history in the palms of their hands and totally choked it away because they didnt have enough respect for their opponent and thought by just 'showing' up the superbowl would be theirs. I understand how you feel buddy!:yawn:

  3. Not deluded enough to believe that Woody, Fanaca and DBust will ever form a complete, winning NFL OL.

    At least our OL won't have the choke job of the century in the only game that matters.

    What happened to Light and your other OL men? Did someone forget to tell them to actually show up to the superbowl?

  4. 0684841150.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg

    Patriot fans should be the last people on earth using books as a defense. Exhibit A: Amazon.com, 1 week before the Superbowl.

    Please explain yourself sir!


    See "what ha happend was"

  5. Belichick has been taping since his Cleveland days. It certainly didn't help him back in those days or in 2000 when the Pats went 5-11 or 2002 when they went 9-7 or the 3 straight games they lost to the Colts in 2005 and 2006.

    I love how taping something that can be seen by everyone in the Stadium is the worst thing ever.

    The HGH/steriod analogy is comical to say the least.

    If the Pats didn't own the Jets arses you wouldn't give a crap. The Jets swept the Pats in 2000 and won the 1st game in 2001. You know why? Drew Bledsoe was the QB not Tom Brady.

    Gives a ****?

    The point is you guys are nothing but a bunch of cheats who got your ass handed to you by Peyton Manning's little brother. Not only did you lose the superbowl, you guys got EMBARASSED by the New York Muther****ing Football Giants.:D

    Good luck getting away with taping in '08/09 season. I can guarantee that you guys won't go undefeated ( in the reg season) again.

  6. :bwahaharoll:

    Eli is a flash in the pan. The Jiants wont be back for a looooong time.

    Neither will the Patriots. You guys are cursed, and are losing your luster with every passing day.

    Eli kicked your asses fair and square and the Giants defense completely emasculated and embarassed you guys all night. And in classic fashion, your douchebag of a coach left his own players on the field with time left. A better ending I couldnt have asked for.

  7. :rl::rl::rl::rl:

    Not so long as the GREAT Eli Manning stands in his way! HAHAHA

    LMFAO those PAtriots jokes never get old.

    Oh how I wished I were in Boston when they lost th Superbowl.

  8. He totally played Philly. If it were a money issue then he shouldve followed Asante Samuel and sign with the Eagles, but he was trying torunthe price up with the Patriots. The idiot ended up signing for less money. He knew he didnt want to leave the Patriots in the first place.

  9. Im sorry, I know everyone is saying that we should pic Gholston, but if Oakland does something stupid ( or smart) and not pick up D-Mc then there is no way in hell we shouldnt draft him. He's the most coveted player in the draft and a helluva athlete. The JETS owe us this month for th stinker of a season they gave us last year.

    P.S. Im new here, I hope you guys arent rude to me because Im a female like on the other boards :(

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