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  1. Never ceases to amaze me how some of you guys always look to find something negative in each story or over analyze every phrase that is said. These guys are football players and coaches, not linguistic experts. Give it a rest. I can say how much Sanchez will be a top 5 QB and you can say how much the Jets need to move on. And you know what happens: NOTHING. You and I can wish for our desired outcomes or try to justify our own beliefs :because none of us are wrong! Nothing is going to change until football season gets here. This place bores me.
  2. Um... Where have you been bro? There hasn't been a draft since Vietnam.
  3. I was going to criticize Len Pasquerelli and his friendship journalism but after that post this topic is over. You win!
  4. In other word, Dick is spinning his wheels again, trying to make up controversy and be a pest
  5. or his casual use of the word "comfortability"
  6. A+ The Jets got talent and speed.
  7. I'd like to know how he is going to stop anyone from the bench
  8. not according to one opinion. http://www.nationalfootballpost.com/college_player_scouting_report.html&player=38622 http://www.nationalfootballpost.com/NFL-Draft-Ranking-the-43-LB-Class-by-Tiers.html
  9. Well there have been a few of us who have wanted the Jets to draft Stephen Hill and the Jets did. Also I broke some highlights down a month ago about Hill, I'll link it below. GO JETS!!!
  10. The difference is that Coples has talent
  11. He's 27, productive. Best would be a 3rd rounder. Higher if he could rush the passer
  12. I agree. Competitive rivalry. Seriously a person must have no friends if they don't think that you would want to do better than your friends.
  13. Here is the thing. He had an amazing junior year. He wanted to return to school for his senior year. He was told he would be a top ten pick when he came out. So he played his senior season to stay healthy and didn't risk injury. that's why he looked inconsistent his senior year
  14. He was told to stop. Roger will not be happy.
  15. Also now that St Louis is at 14. Floyd will be gone before 16
  16. Sorry bro. Strong side is the side with more blockers on the line. Just do a quick google search and you will see you are wrong. The extra blocker could be a tight end, a full back or a wide receiver flexed in tight to the formation.
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