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    Im A Chiefs Fan
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    derby kansas
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    beer, music, buddies, working out, and woman
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    piss everyone off on a daily basis
  1. thats fine you can think what you want.
  2. thats what i did the first time. taking it that since ghost put my quote above what i said then quoted me is what influenced it looking like i was talking to myself.
  3. he's a pimp? oh so the crime rate just dropped. sweet we are getting better.
  4. im a high schooler and won't date high school girls. i dig older woman. not saying i'm into 50year olds are anything like that to set the record straight but 3 or 4 years older is good with me.
  5. heh has anyone told you you're a really immature. claim to be 25 and still act like a child nice. i bet you still go for high school girls don't you.
  6. you got something against rednecks ******?
  7. actually the picture is from this past fall.
  8. actually this thing is all just a performance for ****s ang giggles. was a chiefs fan but my step dad whom is a huge denver fan converted me. he's more a father figure to me than my own dad.
  9. clown? come to my house and i'll show you how this clown gets down
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