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  1. thats fine you can think what you want.
  2. thats what i did the first time. taking it that since ghost put my quote above what i said then quoted me is what influenced it looking like i was talking to myself.
  3. he's a pimp? oh so the crime rate just dropped. sweet we are getting better.
  4. im a high schooler and won't date high school girls. i dig older woman. not saying i'm into 50year olds are anything like that to set the record straight but 3 or 4 years older is good with me.
  5. heh has anyone told you you're a really immature. claim to be 25 and still act like a child nice. i bet you still go for high school girls don't you.
  6. you got something against rednecks ******?
  7. actually the picture is from this past fall.
  8. actually this thing is all just a performance for ****s ang giggles. was a chiefs fan but my step dad whom is a huge denver fan converted me. he's more a father figure to me than my own dad.
  9. clown? come to my house and i'll show you how this clown gets down
  10. thats bull****. i have a hard enough time getting 80
  11. thats so wrong on many different levels. someone needs to kick her teeth in.
  12. 1. The Untouchables 2. can't think of the name but it kicks ass. bout one guy and his crew playing both sides and they eventually take out both of the major bosses. 3. Goodfellas 4. Scarface
  13. never said couldn't discuss it so stop putting words in my mouth, i clearly stated not to jump to any conclusions.
  14. thats why you shouldn't jump to conclusions.
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