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  1. Spygate surfaced the first week of last season so I don't see how this would have any bearing on their 16-0 season (unless the the Jets would have beaten them opening day). At that point they would have been the last team in the league that could have gotten away with any illegal activity the rest of the season. Having said that, I believe you need the luck along with the obvious talent to go 16-0. Remember "On any given Sunday". Averaging it out the Pats are probably a 13-3 team where the Jets may be 9-7, still not close. Regardless of last season I would take the Pats 3 superbowl
  2. Be realistic....Tom Brady couldn't lead the Jets to the super bowl next season. They have improved but have a ways to go. I'll be happy with 9 and 7 and a possible wild card.
  3. You can bet Clemens will start. If that wasn't the plan then he would have been replaced by now. He is past the "waiting in the wings stage" as a result of him taking over for a benched Pennington last year. You can't do that twice with the same QB on the same team and you don't draft a 2nd rounder to be a backup, not to mention the fact that he really has not been given a legitimate shot. If KC fails miserably than you can put in Chad and go back to the QB drawing board.
  4. This is a a touchy situation for the Jets. One on hand LC is their best receiver and great in the clutch. On the other hand he is 30 years old and prone to injuries. I just don't think he has been spectacular enough to restructure his contract and he should have taken the deal offered and kept his mouth shut. Now at best we will have a disgruntled player for the next 2 years. I don't see any other choice than to look to deal him but no team in their right mind would give him a long term deal. With regards to the QB situation. I just don't think Kellen Clemens has been given a fair shot y
  5. Not at all. Just trying to make the point that he is far from a ****ty back. McFadden rated out as the top prospect in this year's draft among NFL scouts. Andre Woodson rated as the 5th best QB and most likely a 3rd rounder. No comparison.
  6. ****ty back. Guess you didnt see what he did against the national champions with a mediocre Arkansas team with no QB.
  7. The Pats would most certainly take him and behind their offensive line he would be running over, through, and around us twice a year for the foreseeable future.
  8. If McFadden is available the Jets will have no choice but to take him or trade the pick to a team in another division that they know will definitely take him. New England is next up and they cannot take the chance of him winding up with the Patriots. However, the point may be moot. Al Davis will probably select him at #4 (even though the Raiders desperately need interior line help on both sides) because he loves the flashy, big name players and still has no idea what's best for the team. McFadden and Jamarcus Russell will be trading horror tales on who gets beat up the worst behind their c
  9. No one is going to trade up for McFadden. Felix Jones and Rashad Mendenhall will be available later in the first round. They are both a notch below DMac but great backs none the same and can be had for a lot less money.
  10. Jesse Chatman is pure insurance and will not affect any future RB decision. He is not in the same league as Leon and not in the same universe as Darren McFadden. If DMac is available at 6 take him at all costs and trade TJ. Lets not be shy here. Is there a chance that he won’t work out ? Maybe. But, I would rather take that chance then have him possibly wind up an All Pro in a Patriots uniform running all over us twice a year. That would be a hard pill hard to swallow.
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