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  1. One kick made and you would be in a different boat... God forbid Chad didnt rip apart one of the BEST D's of this decade... The cheaters did though.. so that makes it OK right? If the Pats didnt cheat the Steelers would have kicked their ass as well.
  2. Just do what the Pats do... Draft whoever... and Cheat to make them look good!
  3. Better than most AFC QB's have done... its nto his fault he faced the cheaters in round one two years ago... Cheat to win... thats the Pats moto
  4. He won more games... Namath got lucky ONE YEAR... with a team of players witth heart around him... Namath never came close again... Chad wins and gets to the playoffs every year that he is the guy and has a real team around him.
  5. Barton is a Jerk... why does he hate ythe best JETS QB in his lifetime?
  6. Oh so he hates the best JETS QB ever? Chad wins baby.... #'s dont lie!
  7. Chad will be the NYJ starting QB this season and will lead the NEW revamped NYJ to a superbowl this season! GO CHAD! DO You Agree?
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