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  1. Baker had a bad year last year, had a great rookie year. Perriman never even had a "good" year. Baker in his 2 seasons, including that horrid 2nd season has more wins than Perriman has starts in this league. I will no longer entertain these shenanigans. We'll see what happens this season.
  2. It would be a good idea. I miss the first 2 rounds on the first night anyway. But given how unusual this will be, it'll be cool to just get that done.
  3. I mentioned this in another thread, but the Vikings have the 22nd and 25th picks in the 1st round. The problem is that they have 12 picks in the draft and a talented team. They cant use all of those picks. The Jets have a top 11 pick and two 2nd round picks. The vikings needs will be sitting there at 11 while the Jets can stock up on players. All without having to trade our best player on the team.
  4. We have the 11th pick in the draft. We can trade down, pick up an OT and WR in the draft and keep Adams.
  5. As long as the Jets make some key trade downs we'd be in a very good situation to pick up talent all 3 days of the draft.
  6. I check checked out some highlights of Robinson. This draft is looking extra special all across the board.
  7. I guess that now the league will be using the same Draft Simulators we've all been using. Cool!
  8. I just logged into my old account just to give you another butt fumble for this thread.
  9. I appreciate you wishing me the best with real issues in life, however, when it comes to fake issues like Jets football, please dont be "that guy".
  10. Not when you use it to dismiss what im saying about current issues. Dont be a idiot 54 year old. Plenty of folks here talk about Mike Glennon, and I alway laugh about it. What you did was a idiot move. You got what you deserved in terms of my response.
  11. If you put him on ignore, then ignore him and his other conversations that have nothing to do with you. You're like the oldest child on this website right now. Stop crying.
  12. Did someone call me? Must have because I seen my fans flock to "thumbs up" everytime my name is introduced into the convo lol. Well, good thing Fitz got great the moment he cut that beard.
  13. Not really. We still dont know if we drafted a #2 WR in the 2nd round.
  14. Nothing you said here is a lie. Wasnt questioning any of that. I do agree with the Jets that we should have went WR in the 2nd, just dont like that we drafted a track star which entire collegiate career consist of 50 catches in the 2nd round. We should have gotten a WR with less bust potential if you will, especially with the best hands in the draft still on the board.
  15. I wouldnt have drafted Glenn. I would have gotten Jeffery's. From what im hearing, Coples seems to be a bit more legit than a boom/bust prospect. Hill on the other hand certainly is. This kid runs like the wind and can block. So what if he cant contribute to the passing game as a #2 WR that we actually need.
  16. Wait, so you mean to tell me that the 3 and 1/2 minute Stephen Hill highlight vid on youtube equates to 75% of this guys career with the other 25% being blocks? lol. Thats just ridiculous. Alright, ima stop being such a hater. Obviously I think we could have done better with the pick but Hill seems like a hard working unselfish good kid. Thats a quality we can certainly work with.
  17. You can add DT to the list as well. This thread has a positive impact on me. Maybe Coples is the future. Whats crazy is that I like our 6th & 7th round picks than our 1st and 2nd round.
  18. Probably because that chance will turn into bias. hopefully they cut him if he's no good
  19. True. We no nothing for any of these draft picks. What I do know is that it seems like the Jets (like many other teams) want to draft complete players instead of drafting a player because they see what the player could be and coaching him there. Hopefully the jets see special talent in Hill and will coach him to fulfill that potential. However, if they coach him like they've coached Sanchez this is going to be a long frustrating stretch. lol
  20. Nope, not watching it. However I did pass by the NFL website and seen that Tebow made the top 100 players lol. What a cruel joke. Whats worse is that "The players" (sure) rated him HIGHER than 100. He was like 96 or something. Im still waiting for this guy to register his 4th game with a 50% pass completion rate. lol.
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