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  1. Gastineau Lives

    So.... Clowney?

    Two questions: 1) Awesome! Where the hell did you hear THAT?? 2) Who is Riley Ridley?
  2. Gastineau Lives

    Favorite Jets Draft Memory

    When was that?
  3. I'm so tired of our GMs playing smartest guy in the room. Kyle Brady Ken OBrien Jalen Saunders Dexter Mcdougall I'm missing a few, I'm sure
  4. So why do the three draft slots matter?
  5. @T0mShane That's your future. Choose wisely.
  6. Why you continue to think about what Mr. Shane says is beyond me.
  7. You know you're not "sickened". I bet you don't miss a meal or a minutes sleep tonight.
  8. Who started the thread?
  9. So the purse shouldn't be split evenly, you're saying.
  10. No, I'm not giving Shane home field advantage.
  11. Gastineau Lives

    How can we justify drafting a DT at #3?

    And then he breaks his collarbone and we're out of business.
  12. Shane is the absence of Gods love and I am the resurrection. How's that?

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