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  1. Washington Redhawks

    I never said there was no advantage but not proportionate to the amount of crying about it. Being born a minority is not a ticket to failure. If you want to succeed in this country, you can. Nobody is stopping you. All of this lashing out and blame is not worth the divisiveness that is tearing this country apart, that is for damned ******* sure. If you are not satisfied with your life stop blaming evil, privileged whitey for it. It is your own damned ******* fault, sorry to break that to you. You are the agent of your own success. The poverty rate among blacks in two-parent homes is seven percent. The poverty rate among whites in single-parent homes is 22 percent. Let's start screaming about two parent privilege, while we're at it. Also, you kind of imply that every single minority agrees with your point of view, I assure you that is not the case. Why don't you go and tell Larry Elder and Thomas Sowell that they don't know what it's like to be a minority because they don't agree with you. And how MUCH "better" is it to be white in this country? Ten percent better? Twenty? A bazillion? And why has this not translated to the most important aspect of being alive, happiness? Also, I guess it's okay to judge from the other side of the fence when YOU do it, when you can call white people "privileged", like you know what the **** it's like to be struggling with bills working a job, your wife working her job and barely able to survive yet all at once being blamed for everybody else's problems, told that you need to ******* OBSESS over them and walk around every second of the day feeling guilty about how ******* awesome you have it and what an easy ride you've been given. This is how we got President Douchebag, so good work. Keep it up, you whiny sh*thead. And here, ****face: https://www.sprc.org/racial-ethnic-disparities https://afsp.org/about-suicide/suicide-statistics/ https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/hestat/suicide/rates_1999_2014.pdf Now shut your ******* mouth. Going to pit people against each other and tear this country apart over an every shrinking percentage of advantage because it makes you feel better. **** you.
  2. Washington Redhawks

    White people commit suicide at a rate three times higher than black people per capita, so no, not skewered. Besides, if it was such a prize being born with white skin it wouldn't even be CLOSE, right? Those poor downtrodden minorities you seem to be wanting to swaddle in your loving arms would be more prone to depression, wouldn't they? BTW, not that THIS is important at all, and don't let me stop you, but I was responding to his post which was not specific to the thread subject, you know that right? So, in summation, minorities are much stronger than you want to believe and it is not a little piece of heaven in comparison being born with less melanin.
  3. Washington Redhawks

    Um, gender pronouns? Do you even think before you type these things?
  4. Washington Redhawks

    Just waiting for a mod to come and (shy) lock it.
  5. Washington Redhawks

    Please end this thread, there have been numerous Jewish jokes and I am disintegrating.
  6. Washington Redhawks

    Give it time, it takes a fish a little longer to type.
  7. Washington Redhawks

    You should shut up right now, there's an SJW that knows more about these things than you do and he's about to tell you why you should be offended.
  8. Washington Redhawks

    7 of 10 suicides in America are committed by white men, you know, because it's such a ******* party.
  9. Forget the Jets

    Without Allen Robinson.
  10. The NY Jets have lost my support this season

    Yeah, but what if the 49ers learn how to win and stuff? I hear they're doing night classes and applying them to mirror work, eventually to Sunday afternoons.
  11. Do you think the Browns FO think this way as well? Can you see them not drafting a QB at 1?
  12. Kizer is Carl's Sanchez.
  13. The risk of Seattle's (late) second rounder becoming a very good player vs the potential of Gordon getting suspended (banned) again. I make that trade all freaking day.
  14. You don't like Corey Coleman? Njoku looks like a player.