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  1. Talk about stupid play calling ...

    The moment I realized we are drafting two centers next year. ^^^^^
  2. With the 12th Pick, the NY Jets Select…

    Two hamburgers. No fries. And he trades your coke for six glasses of luke warm water.
  3. With the 12th Pick, the NY Jets Select…

    Three. Man. Booth. Can you feel it, Shane?
  4. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    I just hope these last six games don't ruin TB's chance at Coach of the Year.
  5. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    November 15, 2017: The Day the Bills Stopped Learning to Win and Started to Learn to Lose. Don't know how the Bills players are ever going to remember how to win again.
  6. Bowles Sees no Need to Play Young QB’s

    They're still eighth in the league in total defense whereas TB is 29th. The scoring avg is skewed by the 51 pt loss in Phi and the 41 by NE. In other games they're giving up 18 pts a game. You say we can beat the Chargers and KC because they can't play the run yet we SHOULD beat Denver who is number four in the league against the run because we can do the same things Tom Brady, Martellus Bennett, Rob Gronkowski, Brandin Cooks, James White and Rex Burkhead can do. They did it, why can't we? We're the same! Somehow we've become this awesome running team which is also mind boggling as if the Bills who just got absolutely annihilated for 237 yards on the ground at home are a true indication of our prowess. You're very knowledgeable, no doubt, but I think you're seeing things that aren't there because you see the specific possibilities instead of the entire picture.
  7. Bowles Sees no Need to Play Young QB’s

    Yeah, it's great stuff but your prediction of 6-10 or 7-9 is a little optimistic. Carolina - You think it's a loss, probably. Kansas City - You think it's possible. @Denver - You think we beat them in Denver. @New Orleans - You say that's a loss, probably. Chargers - You think it's possible. @New England - Predicated on Tom Brady not playing. So, you have two probable losses. That puts us at 4-8. So: To finish 6-10, we have to beat Denver and one of the possibles (KC, SD) or Denver and beating a Tom Brady less Pats team in NE. To finish 7-9, we have to beat Denver and BOTH possibles (KC, SD) or beating a Tom Brady less Pats team in NE. Basically, you were very specific with HOW we can beat certain teams, but your prediction is predicated on "well, two or three maybes = one for sure" AND that is predicated on us definitely beating Denver in Denver as if they're not ten times better than Tampa Bay on defense, the same Tampa Bay they needed a last second bomb to get to TEN points from and as if Denver in January is the same thing as playing in Florida in early November. So yeah, I'm counting Denver as a loss. So that puts us at 4-9. NOW to get to 6-10 we have to beat both San Diego and KC which is not likely or one of them PLUS Tom Brady has to sit out week 17, which is not going to happen. And even if he does, we are not promised to win that last game anyway, especially when there is nothing to play for. The team likes Bowles, but I don't think they like him THAT much. To get to 7-10, we have to beat BOTH of them PLUS Tom Brady has to sit out and we definitely win that game.
  8. Bowles Sees no Need to Play Young QB’s

    So last Sunday impressed you, huh?
  9. Because Misery Loves Company...

    I really want to write out an elaborate post here, but I would have to pause the highlights of the Browns and Jaguar wins or as I call them, My Superbowls.
  10. Wow, Phil. We have the Pats, Chiefs, Broncos, Saints, Panthers and Chargers. You're being really magnanimous. lol
  11. I reacted viscerally to this post. And not in a good way .