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  1. dude I've walked over waitresses bigger than you on the way to a fight or whatever that metaphor is but my buddies will leave you looking like Jodie Foster after the pinball machine in The Accused
  2. No, this is correct. The Jets are as good as the Browns.
  3. Marvin Hall was their top WR. Number two was a practice squad player. That's a little bit more than "most of their receivers"
  4. All this mouth breather does is either laugh react or downvote.
  5. I'd rather share a bunk bed handcuffed to @T0mShane than to choose between them.
  6. The Jets were never tanking you moron. They legitimately suck.
  7. We didn't just lose out on Trevor. We were the number one choice of prospective head coaches now we're like fourth. We are not signing good free agents unless we overpay. You were rooting for this. Recognize that.
  8. How many wins are we going to fall ass backward into next year, because this year it's two. This team is horrible. The quarterback is horrible. The coach is horrible. They are the 0-15 iest 2-13 team that has ever played. They were gifted a win by a team that were 17 point favorites that were looking ahead to the game they are playing right now. They just played a team down it's top two offensive linemen and their top four receivers and THAT was tooth and nail. Your joy is dopey
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