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  1. I already feel that alot of people can shut the **** up for a little bit now.
  2. A couple more and he will dethrone Daniel Jones as the best quarterback in NY!
  3. I'm in. Are you gonna get fifty separate guys to play, is the question.
  4. this seems like @T0mShane s perfect price range
  5. He's wrong on Cashman and may be wrong on Edoga.
  6. Jesus ****in christ Qbs with mono, guys not in actual games getting injured
  7. What happens when the slaves (?) you just drafted a few years ago become high priced free agents themselves, since they're all awesome? Are you allowed to sign them or do they become yucky too and you draft the new awesome players?
  8. YOU ALWAYS ROOT FOR WINS (otherwise you're not a real fan)

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