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  1. The Seahawks suck. Their defense yesterday was a disgrace and geno turned the ball over twice. 2nd and 5 at midfield to drive for a gw field goal in OT. Couldn't make it. Punt. Next play, 86 yard td run Josh Jacobs.
  2. No man. "Good" defenses and "bad" defenses are like a social construct, brah.
  3. "Oh, look, I get to hate a whole group of people because I have a reason and it's socially acceptable." I guarantee there are "trust fund babies" that have done more good for society and are better people than you and your entire family. The Kennedys were trust fund babies. So was FDR. So is it possible to shut the **** up and enjoy your football team without being a hateful dick?
  4. Fair enough. But the offense doesn't exist in a bubble. What the defense gives matters. The offense isn't a machine that either works when you press the button or doesn't.
  5. I'm speechless that anyone wouldn't understand that it matters who you play. Pat Mahomes against the 86 Bears isn't the Pat Mahomes playing Seth Low Junior High School. IT MATTERS WHO YOU PLAY. If it didn't, then there WOULDN'T BE any such thing as a bad defense. I'm also speechless that we're still talking about Zach Wilson. I'm also speechless that people don't understand that you can wonder if Mike White would maybe, just mayyyyybe for fcksy sakesy and sh*tsy gigglsy be able to replicate yesterdays performance when there is actual pressure of any kind and NOT rope Zach fukcing Wilson into the equation. Because Zach Wilson has absolutely nothing to do with it. Zach Wilson's job is to stand on the sideline with his face and not do his rendition of Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain. That's his job now. And yes, the offense did look very different yesterday. Yes, Mike White did face pressure occasionally and did well. And yes sometimes his guys had defenders in the vicinity of his receivers and did well. Did both happen at the same time very often? What happens when both happen simultaneously consistently? I admit I'm not as smart as so many of you who know that the offense is gonna look that good against an actual competitive NFL defense. Or how good. I'm excited to find out. So please, PLEASE do not tell me the final score of the Viking game this week. Or the Bills after. So, if any of you know, NAME the thread FINAL SCORE VIKINGS, FINAL SCORE BILLS in BIG CAPITAL ******* LETTERS so I won't click on it and ruin it for myself. Thanks. One final thing. I can't believe I'm starting Mike White in fantasy next week.
  6. The Bears today aren't even as good as the mediocrity they were when they had Quinn and Smith and teams weren't even trying to pass the ball against them because their offense was so bad. But, Jesus Christmas, I'm really psyched to see what he does next week. It can't come fast enough. The best case scenario is he balls out, we save the 27 mil per on Jimmy G and build a monster.
  7. I'm a believer bro. He's in my lineup next week. Gonna tear up the Vikes.
  8. Yeah he could . It's ******* intentionally stupid to say otherwise.
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