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  1. Funny thing is theres a sperm cell in this kids ball sack that has a rocket arm and great pocket presence.
  2. Ok so go back to the years they were drafted and name the 9 other picks that you'd take ahead of then. He said they weren't WORTH top 10 picks, didn't he?
  3. Amari Cooper, Jarvis Landry, Julian Edelman, Deandre Hopkins, Robert Woods, Stefon Diggs, John Brown, Davante Adams, Antonio Brown, Brandin Cooks All 6'1 and under.
  4. @T0mShane @Patriot Killa The kids like 12 years old how many ****in qbs has he played with?
  5. Full quote, "A couple of kids I played with in Pee Wee league and my junior high QB were up there, too."
  6. You're right. For some reason I thought it happened in like week 9 or so, not after 3 starts.
  7. How the fck did this team pick ahead of us last year I don't know whether to be disgusted or encouraged
  8. Yeah they scored two more points this week than they did in that game. They were rusty!
  9. Yeah why would they think that? The first time they played the Chiefs destroyed them by -3
  10. How about a quarterback coach? Wtf do THOSE do?
  11. Trying to recall where I was in my life and what I was doing during this time...eating breakfast this morning?
  12. The Case for Marino: Marino is perhaps the most scrutinized quarterback on the face of the earth. It would be expected that the NFL’s all-time leader in most passing categories (until Favre passed him) would have a Super Bowl ring to his name. He doesn’t. Then again, in Marino’s 10 postseason losses, his team rushed for an average of 53 yards per game, while the defense surrendered an average of 34.5 points per game. No one could win with that support. The Case Against Marino: He will always be known as the best quarterback in history to never win a Super Bowl. His numbers (29-of-50, 318, 1, 2) in the game weren’t great, and he led the Dolphins to just 16 points. In each of his first five playoff losses, he threw two interceptions and posted a passer rating under 80. His career passer rating in the playoffs (77.4) is almost 10 points lower than his career rating in the regular season. Bottom Line: An 8-10 career playoff record and just a single Super Bowl appearance are certainly less than spectacular, but Pro Football Reference did a detailed study analyzing a quarterback’s rushing and defensive support. The result of this study showed Marino should have won 5.6 playoff games in his career. This means he actually overachieved—significantly—in winning an additional 2.4 games. Put Marino on the Montana 49ers, and they still would have been a dynasty. The fact that Marino is viewed as a poster boy for guys who couldn’t win the big one rather than one of the five greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game is unfortunate.
  13. Dan Marino is the best quarterback I've ever seen. To point to Super Bowls is ******* stupid.
  14. Alex Van Dyke Dick Van Dyke Dick Sargent Seargeant Slaughter Enos Slaughter Little John Flowers Waylon Flowers and Madam Al Toon
  15. I would propose to this one. Girl's not bad either.

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