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  1. Have you ever heard me speak about due process before this thread?
  2. Why, has Guice done something else I should be defending him about? I'll google.
  3. Yup, that's you in a nutshell. This sentence. The white knight act is a great cover for the guilty conscience, isn't it? Keep using phrases you just learned last week. Garbage. I know you think you're being a good person, you're actually acting like a piece of sh*t.
  4. I don't know what you just said, but I'm sure it means something and you got that little endorphine cookie from it. That you would backhand call other people nasty names like rape apologist or misogynist because they think that in a free country, one should be presumed innocent until proven guilty is ****ng despicable. I guess we can say that all men that get this worked up over this issue are actually covering up their own guilt over assaults in their past, right? That makes an equal amount of sense as an insinuation and is just as generous.
  5. So one out of every 12 men is accused of something he didn't do? You think that's ok? No one is coming to the knee jerk defense of men. You can pat yourself on the back for something else. Any other laws you're okay with skipping the minor detail of a trial on? I'm sure you have a list. One out of twelve is an appalling figure, by the way. You know it is. You'd never be okay with one in twelve of _____________ being _________ (I'm sure there are tons of blanks you can imagine filling in) It's amazing to me how you're willing to sacrifice one in twelve men because rape is under reported as if it's their fault.
  6. Why have a trial at all? We should just sentence him now. Hi livelihood is gone, that's nothing. His freedom needs to be tossed into the volcano immediately. Why don't we just do away with due process altogether for everything? Just let everyone know that someone has been accused of something and let the mob have their way with them. BTW, what is Believe All Women? Reasoned and measured? Not knee jerky in the least, amirite?
  7. Yeah, that's it. People who believe in due process hate all women. You can't make this up.
  8. Believe all accusers of every crime all the time.
  9. Believe women really took hold during the Kavanaugh hearings. Kind of fizzled out when Biden was accused.
  10. Yes. I'm shocked, I tell you, shocked. And appalled.
  11. Tom Brady was one of the best fantasy qbs for years. Welker, Edelman, Moss all good fantasy stats. Gronkowski was going in the first round of especially in PPR for Moss and Edelman. Gronkowski was going in the FIRST ROUND of fantasy drafts for a stretch there. If the Pats employed two or even three RBs in a season instead of the usual seventeen, THEY would be one of the top RBs. You do understand that you get fantasy points for TD's and yards, correct? Your turn.
  12. And if he is cleared in a trial, he gets his job back, right?
  13. I guess due process only counts in terms of imprisonment, otherwise your life can be totally ruined without proof. Awesome society we live in.
  14. Check out the Chiefs fantasy stats. Ravens. Most winning teams for the last ten years or so. Report your findings.
  15. Will we be able to pipe in crowd noise at normal decibel levels?

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