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  1. There are like 5 receivers that JD could have taken that were better choices than the Morgan, Perrine, Cam Clark picks. How do I know? Well, I have this special ability to see into the past. It's not hard. Almost as tough as seeing the deepest WR draft in maybe history and looking at our depth chart and going "Hey, maybe take more than Denzel Mims, whaddya say, there, Teddy Bear GM?" So, if we're going with the premise that we needed a receiver in those later rounds, what are the ODDS that SOMEONE would have thought we should have drafted a 6'2 receiver who runs a 4.48 with a 45 inch vertical
  2. HA I was gonna tag you in the post but forgot the 27 part and gave up
  3. Sure, if you're married, I mean, of course.
  4. The only inaccurate thing in this post is the knockoff Drakkar Noir. Only the real stuff for Bensonhurst kids. In related news, I also have a pair of 29 waist Z Cavaricci's available.
  5. LOL This is what happens when you compound stupidity with ignorance Hey, DK your hair looks stupid too
  6. I'm going 6-0 in my three leagues (we play the avg as well) when I've been miserable this season so far...because there are no Jets in any of my lineups.
  7. Sure, in a vacuum but maybe we don't take Elijah Moore and get an offensive lineman or JOK or Freiermuth etc.
  8. No, there was a bunch of us, perhaps more than not, that were beating the drum for Douglas to draft more than one receiver in the best receiver draft in a long time when the receivers group was the weakest part of the team, arguably.
  9. Sick? It's the only thing that keeps me sane. (I'm really not but play along)
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