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  1. Yeah, what a piece of sh*t, right?
  2. Your feelings are adorable wow that’s fun, actually
  3. Dude I’m not convinced YOU’RE real
  4. I wonder when they say "mortgage" they actually mean "risk" I'm all for both because really, I've seen the past so I'm already over the future. Take your shots.
  5. Dude I just want to upvote you like a ******* pretzel for this post.
  6. Yeah, I mean they had this BYU creature who's TD drive percentage was 17.0 percent and staring them in the face plain as day they HAVE a guy with a TD drive percentage of 18. F'IN 4
  7. Tell me you didn't watch the video without telling me you didn't watch the video. Seriously though, most of those passes are not highlight passes. I gave up after watching him complete a screen pass that the receiver took for 14 yards. Also, not everything has to do with Zach Wilson. It's exhausting already.
  8. Single season highlight reels should not be 22 minutes long.
  9. Thanks, Greta! Now here’s Cenk with the sports…
  10. There really needs to be an erection emoji
  11. Nah, man everyone knows you're the tough guy
  12. He just says things to say things for cheap laughs from dudes that agree with him which he interprets as leverage in a debate
  13. So comparable to Matthew Stafford? Sign me UP Can we get his numbers the last five games and playoffs each of the past two seasons to Lamar Jackson’s? Like helllllaaa close right?
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