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  1. What’s that? I’ve never heard of that. What do they do?
  2. You’ve done it twice with the same exact story that is totally unrelated to what we were discussing.
  3. I don’t even know what you’re talking about. I joined in 2008 with the whole Darren McFadden debate. I’d never been on another site before this. Now I’m almost positive you’re confusing me with someone else. The only reason I tagged Phil was because he has gotten to know me as a person.
  4. Football is a team sport. Defense is half the game so - oh why the hell am I explaining this?
  5. Crush, if I had switched the races I doubt the prevailing policy stated above would be the same.
  6. No man he’s working out material for his six minutes at The Giggle Factory on Thursday night. Keep up.
  7. I’d love Lamar Jackson if we can guarantee the predictable thing that has happened the last two seasons won’t happen again and it didn’t cost 4.5 billion dollars and 22 draft picks to find out.
  8. How does someone not tough mentally lead the league in game winning drives over the last 9 years?
  9. Could Matthew Stafford? Because Carrs numbers at this stage in their careers are almost identical.
  10. No, it was the post 100 percent. Why is he bringing race into the discussion? I thought that wasn’t allowed.
  11. Which round every year? What do we tell the rest of the team in the meantime?
  12. You keep saying this as if I said that or did that which is absolutely something I would never say or do. Stop half assed trying to implicate me in something that anyone who has ever met me in person @Maxmanknows I would never do or furnish proof. It’s not ******* nice. You’re either thinking of someone else or outright lying. It actually should be bannable to try and trash someone’s reputation.
  13. I want a cookie! I had to live through the whole episode. It was very traumatic standing up for common sense and human decency.
  14. 2.778 degrees Celsius , brah what else is there to know?
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