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  1. This morher****er is quoting himself and responding
  2. I’ll bet you they come back and win
  3. That’s like ten times better than ours
  4. Get us a qb and we’d be better than the Jaguars
  5. This is exactly why I wanted to kick quinnen Williams in the face with his ******* celebration against the Rams
  6. Never in a million ******* years do we make that call
  7. Yaw mad a him so you don’t caw him his name its really obnoxious
  8. I couldn’t say. I’ve only been there once with a girlfriend. She was not.
  9. 7 games. 37 degree cutoff. I may need a little more info
  10. It gives they/them an erection to call Zach Wilson that.
  11. I’m not renewing my season tickets.
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