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  1. 20 hours ago, Phillyjet said:

    I think we need to start talking about this more.  This feels a bit like the Watson/Maholmes draft where spots 10-15 may have a guy drop out of the top 10 who could be a bonafide solid option in a year or two.  I say this with the expectation that we will get on of Rodgers/Carr/Garrapollo for the next 2 years, behind which could sit the prospect.   The cap hit for a guy at 13 would not be as high as it was for Zach, and you could roll into camp with the three, letting Zach and the draft prospect battle for the 2 spot.  

    The reality is that if we obtain the vet qb we will likely be picking in the 20's next year, so the chance of getting a solid prospect would be higher in this year's draft.  Other teams would likely be surprised by the pick so may not jump us this year, particularly on the heels of us bringing in one of the top 3.  Finally, this would also give the Jets control for 5-6 years (including the franchise tag) for a round 1 prospect, which would permit them the flexibility to resign the guys from last year's draft class (particularly Sauce and Wilson). 

    And who is it gonna be?

    Guys who could drop to that spot include Levis, Hooker, and Richardson, and maybe even Stroud.  But a couple of those guys will be there.  I'd like one of Hooker (buy low, coming off the ACL) or Levis.  Richardson seems to be too much boom or bust.  

    Pick up the center in Round 2, pick up an extra tackle in FA (McGlinchey?), guard later in the draft.  


    EDIT: Hooker would be a round 2-3 target if we waited.  But could be a solid developmental project.

    Joe Douglas’ wife would divorce him if he did this.

    And I wouldn’t blame her.

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  2. 24 minutes ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

    Brady, Ben and Peyton absolutely dominated the AFC for ~20 years.  The AFC has replaced them with Mahomes, Burrow, Trevor, Allen, Herbert, Deshaun, and Lamar (assuming health).  

    And you're asking why people think Derek Carr isn't good enough to win 2-3 postseason games to even get us to the Super Bowl?!

    So trade for Justin Fields you’re saying.

  3. 8 minutes ago, ACourseinMiracles said:

    Everything here is pretty much conjecture. Lol.

    Most of the stuff spouted here is straight B'S.

    Confirmation bias and virtue signaling. 

    However, I imagine that, depending on where you rank Eli, of the last 20 super bowls, either 3 or 4 second tier QBs have won.

    Super Bowl 38. Tom Brady (MVP), 3 TDs
    Super Bowl 39. Tom Brady (Deion Branch), 2 TDs
    Super Bowl 40. Ben Roethlisberger (Hines Ward), 0 TDs
    Super Bowl 41. Peyton Manning (MVP), 1 TD
    Super Bowl 42. Eli Manning (MVP), 2 TDs
    Super Bowl 43: Ben Roethlisberger (Santonio Holmes), 1 TD
    Super Bowl 44: Drew Brees (MVP), 2 TDs
    Super Bowl 45: Aaron Rogers (MVP), 3TDs
    Super Bowl 46: Eli Manning (MVP), 1 TD
    Super Bowl 47: Joe Flacco (MVP), 3TDs
    Super Bowl 48: Russell Wilson (Malcolm Smith), 2TDs
    Super Bowl 49: Tom Brady (MVP), 4TDs
    Super Bowl 50: Peyton Manning (Von Miller), 0TDs
    Super Bowl 51: Tom Brady (MVP), 2TDs
    Super Bowl 52: Nick Foles (MVP), 3 TDs
    Super Bowl 53: Tom Brady (Julian Edelman), 0TDs
    Super Bowl 54: Patrick Mahomes (MVP), 2 TDs
    Super Bowl 55: Tom Brady (MVP), 3 TDs
    Super Bowl 56: Matthew Stafford (Cooper Kupp), 3 TDs
    Super Bowl 57: Patrick Mahomes (MVP), 3 TDs


    That being said, certainly any given Sunday is always a possibility. 

    personally I'd take Carr or whomever that gives us competent QB play and gets us to the tournament while we look for that golden goose.

    Not disputing your point but it's crazy that Brady won MVP while tossing for 200 yards. Yeah, three tds but one was a seven yarder, one was a seventeen yarder (great) and one was a ONE yard td. The defense was the MVP of that game and fate (for taking out the entire Chiefs oline)

  4. 2 minutes ago, OMA said:

    In theory I agree, problem is Tannehill and Carr are not Brady and Stafford.  Rodgers in a vacuum is, but there are some unknowns that need to be sorted out.

    Tom Brady threw for 201 yds versus the Chiefs and they blew them out. 

    Against the Packers, he threw for 280 with 3 tds but also 3 interceptions. 

    Against the Saints he threw for 199

    Matt Stafford threw for 280 against the Bengals and threw 3tds but also 2 interceptions

    Against the Niners they only put up 20 pts

    He was stellar against the Bucs that's true but against the Cardinals he threw for 202 yds on 17 attempts. Seventeen and they blew them out.


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  5. Just now, undertow said:

    Donald Trump not only was he the first terrible politician he also invented giving people nicknames.

    He was special.

    He was/is also a GENIUS at branding his opponents, like the GOAT. So yeah, it's basically his thing. 

    You know like Jimmy Hendrix didn't invent the guitar, brah.

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