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  1. I guess you're a genius, then. Yeah **** him. How many times would YOU like to be held hostage? Every year he's going to re-negotiate a contract that he signs. You're the idiot, that's possible, you know. God, it amazes me how awesome some Jet fans would be in prison.
  2. Darrelle Revis unhappy with his contract Darrelle Revis is unhappy with his contract situation, and didn't rule out the possibility of a holdout when speaking to reporters Monday. "I just don't know," said Revis. "I'm not saying I am going to holdout. I'm not saying I'm not." Revis held out for over a month back in 2010 before signing a four-year, $46 million extension. Only 26 and clearly the most dominant player at his position, Revis is understandably upset after watching inferior Brandon Carr and Cortland Finnegan land huge contracts. He has plenty of leverage and likely won't be satisfied unless he's the league's top-paid cornerback. So, what, is he going to hold out every season? I've never seen something like this. **** him. No, really, I'd rather have a sh*tty defense than give in to this greedy ******* idiot. Holding us hostage every ******* season when you sign the ******* contract. Go **** yourself. Play in Jacksonville or Cleveland or Cincinnatti or some other ******* hole, faggot. How many contracts do you want to break?
  3. LOL As I was posting it I thought, "this dude is going to think I'm talking a shot at him or something".
  4. Something something Ahmadinejad. I just realized how people accrue ten thousand posts.
  5. Because perception is more important than performance or statistics. Because they had the luxury of a good offense playing with them that kept them off the field and also put the opponents into predictable come-from-behind mode all the time. Oh, and they didn't have a great pass rusher or amazing safeties. There were better Division IAA schools with better defenses.
  6. Yankees Giants Patriots Brazil Soccer Girls that shave or wax their hoo-hoos (f-ing Brazil again)
  7. Meh, his arms are an eighth of an inch shorter than I would like...
  8. Not a Sanchez sucks thread, a whole Sanchez sucks article disguised as Draft evaluation. Pretty sneaky.
  9. How many points is the Giants defense better than the Jets, when "healthy"? The offense?
  10. There should have never been a "crunch time". What was their shortcoming on that particular drive? How would you fix that? Have them all train at altitude, run simulated three hour games on Thursdays coupled with a simulated flight on Wednesday? The other four and 3/4 quarters don't count, right? Are you saying they choked? I'm not sure what you want from a defense, other than what they gave that day.
  11. It's funny how you say you can go on and on yet you choose to mention the Tebow drive as if the defense didn't give up twelve points that game travelling across the country to that stadium on a VERY short week and being on the field all the time for three freaking hours because the offense was so horrendous.
  12. Tebow completions went for 14 yds. Sanchez' went for 11. That is bad. Really bad. I'll take this and leave 26 turnovers behind as well. I'll also take 50 rushing yds a game from my QB. Not sulking, bad work ethic are also things I'd like to leave behind. Give me the guy that inspires his teammates, as well. I'll take some of that energy and leadership too. Oh, and an extra third rounder, please. (this was the original hypothetical, right?)
  13. Same ypa as Sanchez last year and not nearly the number of turnovers and WAY more running yards and a team in the playoffs and a playoff win and 300 yards against the Steelers and took a one and four team and they went all that way, so I would think that it wouldn't be as much of a joke or a disaster as seems to be the perception.It's not figure skating there are no style points.
  14. You mean everyone, right? I'm not Christian, I'm a recovering Catholic, but hey, if we can't say the n word or chink or spic or make fun of Islam, then enjoying offending Christians should be off limits too.
  15. Drew Brees, Eli Manning, Jason Campbell, David Carr all those guys, I know, I know.
  16. Yeah, we are desperate for help. I mean wtf, how are we supposed to succeed with the first, sixth and fifth ranked pass defense in football over the last three years??? We NEED to be the best pass defense of ALL TIME. Come on, the Giants were AWESOME and they have a GREAT pass rush. Two pass rushers in first two rounds please, my pass rush pee-pee feels SO SMALL right now!!!
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