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  1. Wow, Max works in mysterious ways. I just posted that and hit refresh and there he was..
  2. Who the hell are those other guys on the banner? Oh, I know who they are.. NOT TIMMY TEBOW. Get him on the banner in four different poses ASAP
  3. Hey, how about you wait til after the draft before you put yourself in the hospital. BTW Anyone that refers to Sanchez as "Mark" loses a ton of credibility to me automatically. You're crying about Reggie Nelson? Drew Stanton will NEVER be half the QB that Tim Tebow is. You think Drew Stanton would have led the Broncos back from 1-4 to the second round of the playoffs? The really funny thing about this is that Tim Tebow "can't throw the football", yet he was every bit as good as Sanchez last year. Especially if you factor in the YPA being the same, the interception rate being MUCH lower and the fact that Tim Tebow is way more of a running threat, his teammates actually support him and rally around him, as opposed to Sanchez, who, apparently has issues with his work ethic, and some of the worst body language after one of his numerous mistakes. You don't think the locker room was divided last year? You know why it was? Because the QB SUCKED. The receivers hated him, the defense I'm sure appreciated being on the field alot. You think it can get worse? What's going to happen? Attica? The National Guard being brought in? There is no reason to cry, none, unless, of course you like crying, which it sounds you do. The Patriots do things the way things are supposed to be done? You mean like Haynesworth and Ochocinco? It's easy to look like IB ******* M when your QB is Tom Brady, whom you lucked your a$$ off to get in the sixth round. Please, please tell me which player you are targeting in the fourth round. We'll pretend that the Tebow trade never happened. Who you taking in that spot? Please be specific, since your attitude indicates you know what you're doing and the front office is full of idiots.
  4. Anyone know if Bill Todman is still available?
  5. Yeah, but there running td's no? Maybe there should be a separate stat for "had to be a passing td" td's. So, you're saying that a negative td to interception ratio is actually not necessarily such a bad thing?
  6. The problem is that we weren't middle of the pack. I think it's a dangerous game you play when you plan on winning 13-10 every week. Abandoning the offense because, hey, they suck means that they will continue to do so for years to come. There must be some semblance of balance, no?
  7. If you think the Denver Broncos had better personnel surrounding Tebow, you are the one that is not paying attention.
  8. Especially since my point is not that Tebow is better than Sanchez, but he's definitely not much worse, if at all. The difference in passer rating between the two of them was five points. The difference in passer rating between Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady? Seventeen. Of course Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence either, because that would be insulting to Rodgers.
  9. Two quarterbacks: 1) Three full seasons of NFL experience playing in the same system with no improvement and actual regression in the third season. 2) The equivalent of one season of NFL starting experience in two different systems. Nothing really separating them, statistically in terms of passing the football. And you think the FIRST guy is the one that has the better shot to improve? Just stop already. Really, stop it.
  10. Yeah because Sanchez has been so vastly superior that it's ridiculous to even mention them in the same sentence, right?
  11. I had no idea John Fox was our coach. The Eli comparisons are silly. Do you know how many QB's were absolute sh*t for their first three years in the league and never became Eli Manning? It's a long list. Pssst. Interceptions are a thing. They matter, probably more than touchdown passes, by the way.
  12. Stop what? Maybe you can help me. I know, I know. This is Mark Sanchez' Eli year (Brees year?) so I'll try not to be the turd in your punchbowl. I'll stop.
  13. Same exact yards per attempt, so completion percentage disparity is meaningless as is yards per game, since Sanchez threw the ball way more (especially to defensive linemen). I didn't say better, but as good. Same YPA, lower interception rate by FAR. My main problem is this perception that Sanchez is such a FAR superior passer than Tebow that it's ridiculous to even argue, which is not the case. It's more perception than reality, because Sanchez looks more like an NFL passer.
  14. I can feel it already. There is no way Sanchez survives this as the starting QB. Tebow is a beast of a competitor, Sanchez won't hold him off. Tebow throws the ball down the field better and is a mother****er to try and tackle. He works, he competes, he wins. Sanchez will crumble. He's been coddled his whole life, this is the first time he's faced any real competition for his job, he's got a Golden Boy mentality and is probably already mind****ed by this whole situation. Imagine when Tebow comes onto the field to cheers and anticipation up to twenty times a game. He's already more popular than Sanchez, I hope they don't go out together, because Tebow will steal his girls too (and then do nothing with them, making Sanchez crazier than Salieri. He's done.
  15. And yet he somehow managed to be just as good a passer as Sanchez last year, who IS regularly confused with a QB. Odd.
  16. +1 !!!! I love winning games 13 - 10. It's a really good approach! Especially these days.
  17. Yeah, sounds like a plan. THEN, everybody else on the team can kick his a$$ off the field when he blows them the game, showing leadership themselves. Maybe they can all vote for who will start at QB, on a game to game basis of course.
  18. That about sums it up. He extends the play much better. Kerley and Keller benefit. Championship.
  19. Fair enough. Although I think the days of the All Time Great Defenses may be over. BTW When I said kid I meant Sanchez or Tebow.
  20. You definitely have a point. Part of me feels the same way. I still want to try and surround whichever kid it's going to be with the best talent available. I don't really worry about the defense. I don't think Rex has ever fielded a defense that was less than top ten. I'm not sure you try and build a super defense and sacrifice your passing game at the altar of ground and pound, though.
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