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  1. And yet another reason why you are my favorite poster on this board. I still want Michael Floyd though. We will have to throw the ball.
  2. Who was the last free safety to do so? It really is amazing that we finished number five in defense last year. But our offense was number one in the NFL, so they're set.
  3. I just meant that if you think McElroy is certainly better than Tebow, then you have to think he's better than Sanchez, since they are not far apart in terms of throwing the ball, if at all. Sanchez was more accurate, sure, but their YPA was exactly the same. Tebow's TD to INT rate was 2 to 1 as opposed to Sanchez' 1.3 to 1.
  4. So you obviously think that McElroy is certainly better than Sanchez throwing the football, too. Why isn't he starting?
  5. Yes, when you have a capable quarterback and an excellent pass rush Ted Ginn gets hurt and his rookie backup turns the ball over twice. Everyone knows that, it's a football adage as old as the game itself...
  6. Toss in Tebow's TD to INT ratio to Sanchez' and where does that leave us? Shouldn't a guy that's thrown the ball a thousand times more in a professional game be a little better than that?
  7. That's exactly what I've been saying. At WORST, this season just got a whole lot more interesting. It's going to be great theatre, either way.
  8. Better than a QB who is smaller than the ball boys, who can't throw it any better.
  9. No, no he's not. Continue thread. Wow, that's easy. I'm brilliant!
  10. Sanchez' sterling 54 % for the season yielded a 6.4 yards per attempt. Tebow's sh*tty 46 % yielded the same yard per attempt. I will leave you to figure out what that means as I'm a little tired of explaining it.
  11. Aaron Rodgers 17 for 35 1td no interceptions but one fumble. Passer rating of 80. So, ummm, no. I always think it's hysterical when somebody cherry picks one game against a common opponent to prove a point about a whole season's work. How did Sanchez do against the Dolphins in week 17? How did Tebow do against them?
  12. Of course, he's also the guy who gave us BocceNation and MacarenaNation...
  13. Max. He's an evil genius. He somehow impregnates Tebow's mom, waits for the invention of the internet, sets up this site and well, you know the rest.
  14. Was there some sort of big game that I missed? Does Tebow know about it? Wait, I think I remember it. That was a looong time ago, wasn't it?
  15. I think the inverse is true. I think Tebow is going to use Madison Avenue to spread the good word. (I'm not religious) If there is one thing I've gathered from reading numerous accounts by people that have come into contact with him, is that he is incredibly sincere.
  16. Yes, Mark Sanchez throws it much better. It's not even close, amirite?
  17. You know, Boooo and Tebowwwww don't sound that much different. Either way the kid is going into the fetal position. I love how this guy says that Tebow can talk about his pick sixes in the interview room. Like that's not MARK'S thing already.
  18. So, let me get this straight, Ken O'Brien was nothing more than a back up and Mark Sanchez is going to be a borderline Hall of Famer, correct? This is hysterical. The disparity between Ken O'Brien and Mark Sanchez is MILES more than that of Sanchez and Tebow. It's not even close.
  19. If Tebow "literally can't throw the football" , then we don't HAVE a quarterback that literally can. Two quarterbacks. Same YPA, similar QB rating. One literally can't throw the football, the other - a star waiting to emerge. The star waiting to emerge? 1414 career pass attempts in 47 games. TD to INT ratio of 1.25 to 1 in his last full season. The guy with the apparently undiagnosed case of cerebral palsy? 350 career pass attempts in 23 games. TD to INT ratio 2 to 1 in his last full season. Yeah, these guys are WORLD'S apart. As a matter of fact, according to the logic employed by many on this site, they are BOTH the next Eli Manning. Because, you know, he sucked in his first three seasons too, so...
  20. I guess that has been Mark Sanchez' problem his whole career thus far, he hasn't believe in himself enough. Apparently the problem has been that he's been given a QB coach when in fact, he's needed a therapist. Got it. Mark, if you happen to be reading this post. I believe in you. I think you're awesome and I love you. You're the Sanchise! Oh yes you are, oh yes you are!
  21. No, no, no, Herm. You just don't understand. Sanchez is a MUCH better quarterback than Tebow. So much so, that it's not even debateable. Didn't you see his QB rating was FIVE points higher than Tebow's? Are you f-ing blind?? There is not one starting QB in football that Sanchez is MUCH better than. Wait, there's Gabbert, Skelton and Painter. Possibly Ponder.
  22. Your case would be helped by not having Sanchez throw a pick six in a game we lost seventeen to thirteen.
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